The moments that matter: habits and beliefs

 Autumn is here
and paints mesmerizing colors into the landscape.

Each day consists of many moments.

Like the leaves in the image below, many moments web and accumulate together like a stream:
they create the life you live.

Berlin Wall Autumn Leaves

When are the moments that really matter?

Moments that matter and habits are the themes of this article.

The definition of habit as I looked it up:
Habit, deriving from Habitat:

“The natural environment in which an animal or a plant lives.”

We as human beings live in our habitat, and each day the habitat and our habits have an influence on how we live, feel, and interact.

There are many different sorts of habits:
physical, emotional, and cultural ones-
All of these can be either supportive for You … or sabotaging You!

Today, I’d like to zoom in with you on examples of physical and emotional habits.

Often they are closely interconnected,
as the body and the mind influence each other constantly.

Here are three examples of supportive habits from my daily life:

– a cup of coffee in the morning in silence:
It helps me to start the day in peace and get focus for the day.

– a morning movement practice:
It helps me to connect to my body and ground myself.

– the ability to set and keep boundaries:
It helps me to feel free and safe in many situations.
What are YOUR supportive habits?

If you have them: keep them.
If you don’t, or you struggle to build them, please read on.

It’s not easy to change your habits.

In moments of stress, we often instinctively resort to the habitual conditioning we have.

Recently I read the book “Atomic Habits” by James Clear.
Thanks to Albert Sola through whom I got into possession of this book.

The essence of the book is that big changes are made of small, atomic moments that contribute to the bigger picture.

All the many moments pile up like a stream.  to make the change that you wish for yourself, and to be the person you wish to be.

Here are 4 guidelines how you can make them work for you:

Make a habit :

– 1) obvious:    Have a clear trigger to start

– 2) attractive:  Do something that you like

– 3)  easy:        Don’t put the barre too high- or too low!

– 4) satisfying:   Reward yourself
What can get in the way of creating a supportive habit?

Very popular:
emotional or mental sabotage.

1) Negative thinking.
The worst case scenarios that can create a whole prison in your head.

2) It is not enough.
There are always things that could be better, another job, a different partner, that world trip that you still have not made yet…the list is never finished  – EVER!

The thriving for other things or not being happy with what is there unless it is 100 % perfect…and the missing out on what IS actually there.

What can You do to change THAT

Appreciation of what Is there for you NOW.
Appreciate the people that are in your life now,

the job that you have, your friends, your family, the way it IS now.

Welcoming the state of Now from the base of abundance -instead of scarcity.
Make time for regular Yoga Practice or go for a walk in the park, or a run.

Have a heart talk with a friend, or make time for that ex-change with a group of people that gives you inspiration.

I wish you many moments of inner peace and inspiration!






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