Yoga Intensive Course for Women

Dear Ladies!

Soon we’ll start the

14th cycle of the “Fire Yoga Course for Women”

Please find the practicalities here
course language is english, dutch, spanish or german – depending who’s in !

What will you get from the course?

– FUN – A  MINI HOLIDAY in the middle of the week for yourself
– Body -Mind- Connection through unjudgemental observation/ Meditation in Movement
– Calm strength from your deepest CORE through a clear MATRIX of exercise sequences
– a MAP for yourself  to maintain and apply this treasure not only on the mat on the wednesday morning….

Click here for a short Trailer on the approach
Intro on Breathing …not only for Tangueras!

Join us on the journey!

Ladies Cycle Flower

For whom: mature ladies (age 30-55 +) who dare to open their mouths & wish to dive deeper with Body & Mind!
Body awareness experience in any discipline highly appreciated (Theatre, Yoga, Tango, Performance etc)
Min. participation : 6  –  Max. 10   women

Ladies Tribe

Comments from participants:

“The feeling that I can come with what is there, living, moving inside the body at that moment and letting it transform during the class”

“I like all the women in the group!”

“Continuity of the Practice and noticing the changes”

“Being connected with myself, learning, and being with women I admire”

“The class is a moment for myself. I can give total attention to my body, my breath and being present in the now”

“I appreciate the group and sharing our experiences” – “Shared woman energy and healing” – “a safe space”

“I notice the body becoming softer, more receptive and the mind more calm”

“I feel more inside ‘me’ but also with all the Space that is around me at the moment”


Here is a guideline of what we will work with :

1) WELCOME the unknown

Quiet the Mind – Undo the Body – get ready for discovery channel!
Curiosity & Compassion are the key for the journey

How to awaken the flame with the air of the breath
-clear and simple guidelines to awaken the energetic highway from pelvis to head / and vice versa
Core strength from the base of  your womb

the chambers of the heart are treasures that want to be seduced to the light
reaching from rooting
the base for a healthy open heart is to be safe and stable in your own base.

The power with the force of self-fullfillment
Visualisation forms the seeds of actual deeds/actions.

In yoga, life, love, work
Empowerment through positive “food” for mind and body.

Experience the cross-connection: Twists
Front to back and back to front with ease and flexibility

Enjoy the richness of possibilities
Harvest and reflection of the journey
Where do you want to go from here?




“It is through the heart my womb speaks my soul”

Lina Fuhrmann / Germany,  PhysioTherapist, DanceTherapist and Authentic Movement Facilitator

 “It’s been a good journey with this group. It’s intimate and I feel trust on the work of Claudia and in the group. Some days my body is full of resistance, laziness, other days it’s asking for the work. It doesn’t matter how I feel, the practice always makes me happy in my body and quieter in my mind. I am discovering a deeper body relationship and communication. Thank you!”

Elaine Petterson Morais /Brazil, Project manager

“Claudia has profound knowledge of yoga, dance, body language  and communication.
She gives energizing yoga classes where you connect with your inner strength. Her classes are specific, focused and open for everybodies individuality and personal needs. I admire Claudia as a person for her openness,  her humour and flexibility. She is a sparkling positive human being.”

Lydia Müller /  Germany, Dancer & Choreographer


“I really enjoyed the classes. The intensity can vary from lesson to lesson which is something I really like.
In terms of challenge/difficulty I think you do a great job at looking at each person’s capacity.
This cycle has been more than only exercising for me;  it has loosened deep emotions and made me aware of things I want to focus/resolve.”

Claudia Nunez / Chile

“The Fire Yoga classes with Claudia are the weekly treat I give to myself. In the classes I experience a powerful home coming and activation of my inner core. Claudia is a wonderful teacher with a precise and thorough technique. With a careful coherent build up you are guided to light your inner fire and connect with your natural strength, that continues to flow throughout the days after the class. Her authentic and personal juicy style makes it a joy to start your morning.”

Jördis Jakubczick /  Germany, Body-Intelligence Coach and Trainer