Yoga Privates

Yoga Privates  / One on one

Why private yoga classes?

You are new to yoga and would like to learn the basics from “scratch” -with humor and depth!

After a period of injury – or emotional instability it can give you support to stabilize you both on a physical and mental level.

Or you are already practicing and you are curious how to integrate all that “stuff” into your life!
It can build and inspire the foundation for a Self Practice -in a healthy and safe way

In a one-on-one set you get the maximum of personal attention, answering the questions that matter to YOU !

…other motivations for Privates:

Stress – Injuries – Lower back or neck problems/desire to learn in detail/breathing problems /
to create a complementary practice to sports routine (running/football)  / wanting to integrate and deepen Yoga Practice, but not finding the time to do so…

– 1) Complete beginner
– 2) Curious practicioner who’d like to dive deeper
– 3) Hardworking professional with desire for personal growth: physically & mentally

It’s advisable to book at least 5 classes for continuity and development.

The benefits / What will it give you?

1) Trust, confidence and knowledge of the basics so you can continue later in a group class of your choice

2) Direct and personal development, your individual questions will be answered and you can co-create your own practice

3) Injury prevention, a road map to manage your personal agenda and balance the demands: How and when to make time to recharge your energies! (Yoga Practice not only on the mat, but out-side, in the office, at the airport etc…)

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In the future, the classes can also be complemented with an on-line training/course
In case you’d like to practice in your own time and for how long as you wish!



Vinyasa Sitting twist






Vinyasa Down Dog

Vinyasa PCR