Welcoming the Breath

Breath is Life.
For as long as we live we breathe.

It is our connection from the inner space to the outer space
It is a direct connection between the mind and the body

It is the Pulse of life!


Listen here to a short Interview on breathing with Claudia :

Questions by Jördis Jakubzcick, Somatic Movement Therapist and colleague.


more on breathing and the basis for a healthy posture:

The Breath can travel (energetically) through the whole body.
Physiologically there are two main ways how to breathe:

In this film, I demonstrate two ways of breathing:
– High: upper respiratory system (lungs)
– Low:  abdominal system (belly)

High Breath
Sports, sprint, fight and flight, Adrenaline, accelerated heart beat.
The nervous system gets message: be alarmed to run!
Enough oxygen to the muscles to make the system operate as fast as possible.

Then there is the High Breath of “Schrik”
this happens by sudden shock or internal tension, holding the breath, and then suddenly letting go. It can result in irregular breath rhythm.
In case the body is constantly breathing up high but not deep it can cause Hyperventilation and dizziness.

Low Breath
Belly goes out with the inhale, abdominal wall sinks back with the exhale, often deeper than High Breath.
Calms down the nervous system. Breath of letting go. Relaxation.
Application: Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Savasana
Gives the body the signal: hey, all is fine you can relax, there is time, no rush…


Healthy Alignment: Pelvic Neutrality 

How we balance and carry ourselves is closely connected with the alignment of the pelvis, as it is the center of the body.

In this short video, you see the difference between:

-pelvic neutrality:
the front and the back of the body is in balance

and two types of common imbalances:
– Lordosis: the ribs “stick” out and the lumbar is over curved.
– Kyphosis: the tail is tucked in, the lower back is pressed against the floor.

Many ailments (like lower back pain, or pelvic instability for instance after giving birth) have their origin when the alignment of the skeleton and stabilizing muscles don’t work well together.

Why is this important?
The position of pelvic neutrality is vital as the basis for all movement: be it yoga practice, walking, or any form of exercise.  It is the healthiest position for your posture.

It’s is the easiest experienced lying down with the spine supported by the floor.

What does it give you?
When you feel the pelvis neutral in this supported floor position it is easier to also feel the same as you stand, walk, practice or dance!


Ps: to all the Tango Dancing Ladies on the high heels
The Taco Altos (High Heels)  propel your pelvis automatically forward into a lordosis situation.
Inner core muscle strength can help you balance and dance with ease and stability for hours in a milonga!


Look here for two examples of core strength exercise:

This film shows the connection of the leg extension to the base of the pelvis.
Breath support is Mula Bandha Breathing.
Activation of Mula Bandha helps engage and tone the pelvic floor.
It gives a sense of compactness and firmness to your pelvic base.  Connects to the Muladhara chakra.
This chakra represents being rooted – like being home, earth, sexuality. Basic Instincts.
Mula bandha breathing is the base for letting the breath / Prana circulate alongside the spine into the crown and back down
= the cosmic circuit

Becoming familiar with Mula Bandha breathing is an essential part of the trainings I give.
It is the base and foundation for feeling safe, grounded, and connected in your body: Pelvic Grounding.

The video below shows and explains the Mula Bandha Breathing.



More Videos on Breath Alignment Basics:



Cat Cow into Plank  (this video displays when you click in the link)


Here is an (as I think! ) entertaining interview when the root chakra is in “overdrive”
interview with Deepak Chopra on Donald Trump operating from his first chakra


Here you find a couple of themes of the trainings:
– Welcoming the Breath

–  Tuning the Air – Wings

– Centralizing the Breath

– Dance the Inner Matrix

– The Dialogue with the Vagina (yes!)

– Difference to Prana Yama Techniques

– Connection To Singing / Sensuality / Sexuality


Here are two simple ways during everyday Life to get re-energized by the power of the Breath:

1) Breathing with AH!

You can do this sitting, standing or lying down, whatever your current situation allows.
Let your Jaw be loose, the Tongue inside of your mouth resting relaxed behind your bottom teeth.

Allow the inhale to flow into your body, don’t pull it in, just let it happen by it self.
Exhale on an AAAH and – this is the most important bit! – think of a positive Image / Memory / Situation that made you happy

Bring it in front of your inner eye together with the breath.
Be as concrete and detailled as possible with it!

You can use the same image or different ones, but make sure you let breath and postive image happen together.
Whenever your mind jumps to worry again or looses the image, on the next breath: repeat.

Practice this for 1- 2 min.
Notice the change in your mood and energy!

(I received this Advice from my dear Alexanderteacher Ariane Dijkstra
and I believe she got it again from her teacher…wisdom passed on!)


2) Breathing with Pauses –))

You can do this sitting, standing or lying down, whatever your current situation allows.
Allow the breath to flow into your body, don’t pull it in, just let it happen by it self.
After each inhale allow a pause of 2 beats to happen – you can count inside
After each exhale allow a pause of 2 beats to happen – you can count inside


Simply by focussing on the flow of the breathing the breathing might become deeper and longer.
The counting creates space inside of the mind and creates space between the thoughts as well.

Observe what’s happening to your mood and energy.