For Women : Be Your Body – Be@Home, where ever You are


Glorious. Caring. Witty. Sexy. Powerful. Intelligent. Emotional. Tribal. Seductive. Healing. Smart. Unpredictable. Fun. Analytical.  Shy. Out-going. Introvert. Loud. Nice. Entrepreneurial. Competitive. Moody. Wise. Playful. Weird. Elegant. Organized. Wild. Collaborative.

The list could go on …
We – Women- have so many sides to us, we come in all sorts of sizes, shapes, and characters.
yet – often we get put in a box – or worse:

We put ourselves in a box.
Sometimes even without consciously noticing it…
What a shame!

Here are some limiting beliefs:

– I can’t show all parts of myself because I will be judged or put in a box, or be too vulnerable
– I am too shy
– I am not ready to deliver this now (it’s not perfect…-)
– I am not taken seriously
– so and so is much better than me
– I am too young, too old, too much… too …to …

It’s not good enough -or worse- I am not good enough :
Mixing up what you DO with who you ARE.

Women all together on Stairs

here are a couple of short films to raise Awareness and Inspiration:

Self-Love – Self-worth – Self-care

Clear and healthy boundaries – saying NO creates space-and is OK

Own your sexuality 

To be@Home in your body, to love and accept yourself is the base.
Being clear with your boundaries, knowing and communicating them.
Having a solid Self-care Practice.

Are you ready to commit to Yourself and be unapologetically YOU,
then this might be for YOU

Women Program 

Be Your Body – Be@Home, where ever You are

31 January – 7 Maart 2022
online with Live Weekend

Curious if this is something for you?
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Women Welcome



Last but not least: fun and energy!
Yang in movement – what to do when you need to come into action.

Ps: go to where the pleasure is!
Don’t take yourself too seriously….