Who’s your favourite…? Staying with: presence and loving weirdos

The month of may has arrived, yey!
Corona is still part of our daily reality -and for this edition let’s focus on another topic

What do you feel when you hear:

“Marriage is an endless sleep over with your favourite weirdo”.

It’s a slogan that made my head turn as I biked along the street passing a bed-shop in the city.

I don’t know if you are married – I have never been in my life – so far!
You never know what might happen…

but I know very well how to maintain long lasting friendships and how to navigate through a period of difficulty, I don’t shy away to face fruitful confrontation and stay with what IS… be it nice or not

Blossoming trees

The Corona quarantine we are in now already for… how many weeks? – has been an opportunity to have a close look at our behaviour patterns –. to be limited in the spaces we can move in serves as a magnifying lens for these patterns:

the nice ones and especially the odd ones!

the odd ones, the moments of being uncomfortable or being in conflict are actually the jewel-moments – even though it might totally not feel that way when you are in it!


Have you experienced that you are more irritable?
Maybe this period is like a present where you can relax and recharge?

The small moments are the important ones

  • when you burst out in irritation
  • when you say something you might later regret
  • when you ignore someone or turn your eyes away

in a crucial moment of being with a partner be it be a friend, your spouse, life-partner or a colleague

Why are this the “jewel”-moments?

The trigger moments are the ones where you can either shoot in your pattern -be reactive – or pause…breathe… and look at what’s happening. Notice if you can in that moment choose for something different. Maybe… maybe not – yet!

Meditation and also yin-yoga allows us in state of quietness to observe the activity of the mind, our thoughts and also the emotions. It’s the playground to “make love” to everything that is- and with making love I mean in this case to embrace all that is: be it nice, be it uncomfortable, be it irritating, be it bliss or whatever feeling is there….and then when you step off the mat or the cushion and find yourself in trigger moments to see them as what they are:

The crucial moments of conflict or weirdness are opportunities to dig deeper into connection

with ourselves and through that with our loved ones, our friends and also the people we work with. If you want support with that please read on here 

Now coming back to the first statement:

“Marriage is an endless sleep over with your favourite weirdo”….
it’s a commitment to stay present

and “peel the onion” of habitual patterns with each other, metaphorically speaking! Often there are many layers at play and it requires patience and self-knowledge to peel…

You’ll feel: when you dig in to the source of what triggered you and come to the underlying emotion, it’s like a knot that can be untied…and then make room for a fresh and clear view so you can

  • genuinely smile
  • say sorry from your heart
  • express your love and care in a gesture

    So you and your loved ones feel nourished:
    True connection is like the water that makes the plant of togetherness grow!

Stay healthy and connected

With Love,







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