When to bite into the apple? The art of timing.

In the article of this month I’d like to invite you into the theme of ripening and harvest: and … the art of timing! 

Would you eat a fruit when it is not ripe?

An avocado that is still hard and does not surrender yet into the spoons touch?
An apple that is still so sour that you shiver when you taste it?

Nature is so wise as to respect the laws of ripening:

Sunshine, water, fertile ground, enough space are essential conditions for the process of ripening…and


You might have heard the expression:
Gras does not grow faster when you pull on it.
It needs it’s time and can’t be rushed.

Imagine you start a new project or embark onto a new collaboration with a colleague.
You can’t wait to get started, you are excited and would love to see the fruits right away…

and maybe you are not paying attention to the process, to respect the ripening of that creation:
to recognize when it’s time to let go and let things cook, when it’s time to insert some more fuel -sunshine, inspiration-, when something got stuck to loosen the ground and get more air into the process…

If we for instance come back to the apple :
you know when the apple is ripe:

it’s full of juice and invites you to bite into it, it’s red and golden and smells sweet …
Bite the apple, grab the moment, harvest the hay!


It feels fantastic when we bite the apple just when it’s ripe, when we are in the right moment at the right time, meet the right person in the right time, get the dream job in just the right time of our lives

How to know when it is the right moment?


If you miss the point of timing, the point when the apple is ripe, the dangers of decay lurk around the corner… the fruit gets wrotten and you miss that moment. -)

It would be so nice to have a manual about the right moment, wouldn’t it?

To have a secure instruction map that cuts through all the internal voices in your head, the maybe’s and what if ‘s, the procrastination, the hesitation and the devil of doubt…

This might sound disappointing to you, but there is no such map.
There is no guarantee for the right moment.

What’s the point then?
Is it all a guessing game? No.

Is there hope? YES! 
Here is what you can do to exercise the art of timing
the art of biting into the apple at the right time:

1)-Trust that your thoughts are very often just clouds in your minds – not a reality

Our thinking mind is excellent to calculate the variables that ARE linear and predictable, fact, numbers etc.

Gut instinct and intuition are radial and non predictable.
But they can be friends and work together! 
The task is too give room to listen to either the one or the other…
2) Learn to listen to your gut. 
What if my gut does not know? If I can’t hear what it says?

Try it. Jump in. Fail. Succeed. 
But: never give up!
If you are not sure , try it first in small moments, where the out come does not matter…

3) Ask questions, stay curious, get information 
Dare to speak up !

Last but not least:
Look at the big picture, the one that goes far beyond your own little self: 
Enjoying the reality of your current moment and the belonging to the order of the universe! 
where ripening and cycles of existance happen without your interference…

Wishing you many moments of tuned timing and time to process!






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