To zoom or not to zoom

How are you feeling these days?
Do you also have the feeling that the idea of certainty and normality has vanished?

To be constantly ready to change and be with what ever happens to be the new now?

I mentioned in an earlier edition:
normal will be sold out for a while.

We are in that space.

Todays edition is about
a macro and a micro perspective
…and to switch between them –  zooming in and out


Let’s face it:

Zoom meetings versus Meetings “in the flesh”:
how do you feel about them?

Yeeh, zoom meetings can bridge the distance and time zones, they are like a square eye into your homes, they made and make connection happing in these months of weird distancing.

But nothing beats an encounter with each other where you can see, feel, smell, touch and hear each other 
-without the filter of the screen, the mask, the distance.

Here is a conversation with a client that I had other day which sparked my idea for this edition:

He’s a tall man from south africa,
radiating physical presence and juicy vitality:

He: “With the zoom meetings you miss out on the ability to “read the room”.-

“reading the room”  =  to use all your senses to taste the atmosphere and feel the people around you.

And it’s often the things in between the spoken words that reveal what a situation is actually about.

We all have the ability to listen to more than the words.

Young children, animals and people who still live in their whole bodies rather than only in their brains are very familiar with that: it’s their reality:
To read the energy of the people around you.

When you are content driven and cognitively engaged it can happen that you loose connection to the people around you – and also the context or situation :

You get lost in your brain
– and that becomes your planet of being.

Please don’t get me wrong, it’s terribly useful and necessary to be calm, cognitive and maybe even calculative at times!
And it’s as useful and necessary to let go of that so you see and sense what else is happening …


Here comes the point:
It’s about the switch.
Which switch?

the flexibility to zoom in and to zoom out
Zooming in…   to detail or to an emotion, a thought
Zooming out…  to connect to the context, the big picture, the vision

It’s a dance.
Reading the room helps with that.

in zoom meetings and live!

How do you read a room?

– open your senses for details in body-language
– stay connected to the room
– pay attention to spatial constellation
– be in 360 degree awareness

in fact for the tango dancers amongst us: all this is happening in a milonga. And not only in a milonga, but also in a supermarket or a conference room, believe it or not!

Are you aware of the “dance” around you?
When to focus on your inner world and
when on the space around you
and …
How to blend both?

With your presence you can change and contribute, make or brake the atmosphere.
When the possibility of touching each other is limited, or being physically in the same room

our eyes, voice and body-language
become even more important:
to be able to read each other and rest in your own presence.
authentic, clear and easy.

Do you have presence?
If you are curious to explore more have a look here

Are you aware what kind of messages you send out?
Can you read people – beyond the words?

a whole group is like an organism, a blend of different flavors and energies.

It’s fascinating!

The new reality is connecting with each other on-line and live –
and being present in an ever changing environment.

Let’s celebrate both !






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