Themeworkshop: The Magic of the Pelvis


The Magic of the Pelvis
Awaken the awareness with softness and strength!

The Pelvis.

What is it?

It’s literally the birthplace of life, the center of your body, and your home base.
The Pelvis is the connection between your spine and your legs.

We will gain insight into the anatomical build of the pelvis, muscles of the pelvic floor, and the psoas iliacus and connect it to energetic potential of the chakras.


When we are not aware how to move from the pelvis , “the light there is not on” or when there are blockages you can get pain and tension.

For instance: when you either not aware or don’t have the tonus in your pelvic muscles, -especially the iliacus psoas and your pelvic floor muscles -and how that relates through your legs down into the ground it can happen that you compensate and compromise the body : you pull up the shoulders or sag in the lower back which results in tension and pain in the shoulder and lower back area.

here a short film (1.32 min watch) for an introduction:


– gain deep insight awareness of the energetic potential of your pelvis

  • prevent lower back pain
  • strenghtens the connection between your front and your back muscles in the pelvic area
  • become more aware of your sensuality and sexuality: the potential and the blockages
      • connection pelvis, legs, feet : awaken the highway from the earth into your center -and from there into your hands!

What to expect?
What will we be doing during the workshop?

  • A warming up with dancing and shaking to get into the body
  • Storytelling by Claudia on the subject with the use of her skeletal assistant

There will be a study / lecture part to gain insight- …with Tommy, the bony skeletal assistant.
We have images and handouts to follow and understand the deeper layers in the body.
There will be time to take notes and write down impressions/ experiences.

we’ll zoom into experiential anatomy:
meaning you will learn to discover this muscle in your own body, so you can link the picture above into an embodied experience:
safe and in your own pace, using specific touch

there will be specific releasing and strengthening ground exercises with breath awareness and breath support.
Followed by examples how to translate the insight into your yoga practice as well as every day movements like standing, walking, sitting…


For whom?

This workshop is for Yoga practitioners and massage therapists who’d like to understand on a deeper level the anatomy of the pelvis and the connection between muscle, bone, fascia, nerve and the energetic connections that web the systems together.
And for everybody who works on their legs and wants to gain more detailed and practical awareness of how to move from the pelvis in a healthy and pleasurable way.

A discovery journey inside your body:
Men and women are welcome!





  • intro: skeleton, muscles, function
  • connection to chakras . Muladhara, svasithasana, Kundalini. Life force, sexuality.
  • Application to everyday life, use: sit, stand, sport, work, sex-life.

-self exploration / anatomy : psoas, pelvis floor: different build women and men.

  • breath awareness and how it helps to support the movement and energetic connection

Chakra Spektrum

(Foto Key Muscles of Hatha Yoga By Ray Long MD FRCSC)



-ground exercises :

– to loosen the area : Shake, loose, ground – heel rock

        • to strenghten the area : Psoas sequences & Counterposes
        • to distinguish when to do which! Yin and Yang awareness.

-translate that into movement: walking, sitting, standing, dancing, massaging


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Next dates:
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Stay happy and healthy!