The wind of change

We are in the middle of august
This summer has been stormy, hot and sunny, wet and windy…

sometimes it felt as if we are in the tropics, and a few days ago there has been even a small tornado in the city…

The wind of change is blowing!

Big time.

There is the saying:
The only constant thing in life is change.

How are you with changes?
Small ones, big ones…

Are you easy with letting go?
Do you like to hold on to how things used to be?

Wind is a symbol of renewal and change.
Water is a symbol of fluidity and flexibility.

Round wells 2








Honouring the small pleasures that bring joy every day: a smile, a kind word, an embrace, the sounds of raindrops, a shower…marvelling at the beauty that is Now– and knowing that it will pass by and make space for something new!






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