The sword and the ocean – Loose your mind and find your soul

September came along, with still warm and sunny days…

What do you feel when you hear this sentence?
“Loose your mind – find your soul” 

It was a head line on a T-shirt I saw on a man’s chest.

Later on when we were dancing the meaning of the words turned from a catchy headline into a shared experience beyond words.-)

sword and ocean








Here comes a – rethorical – question:

Does it have to be choice?
Between the two? Loosing one to find the other … mind or soul?

Of course not.
It is a never ending dance, an oscillation between the two, like yin and yang.

Mind and Soul are partners, not opponents.

Soulful- soulful music is one that speaks to your emotion, to your heart
It passes the intellect and goes straight to your gut and heart.

Mindful. To be in the present moment. A state of inner peace and acceptance.
Sounds so wonderful!

How to live it?

Our minds can be like jumpy monkeys, or wild horses racing into stories, assumptions, into the past or into the future.
The mind when it is in it’s job of “labelling” can be discriminative, analytical and sharp.

“The mind is like a sword – the soul is like an ocean.”

Cutting, slicing. Piecing. A mind sharp like a sword.
Very useful to function and getting things done, but totally in the way when it’s time to let things float and simply be.

Sword contains the “word”.

Let’s take an example:

Words in themselves are simply codes, a code for meaning that people agreed upon one time.
The way how you say a word can change it’s meaning.

If you say a word with feeling it will reach the listener totally different than only the code, the dry meaning of the letters, the content.

In other words:
when you feel what you say – you speak from your soul.
when you strip the word to it’s content’s code only –  you speak from your mind.

Which one will reach the person you are talking with?
Which one will be remembered?

Music and Dance are pure expression beyond words
– with a song or a dance you can reach directly into the soul and heart.


Listen with your soul, speak with your heart
Dance and sing to honour them both!

…and let mind be your friend when it’s needed!






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