The State of Flow – Yoga Self Practice

07/02/2017   The State of Flow  – Yoga Self Practice

Why Self Practice?
If you are a teacher then you most likely know how it feels when you teach and teach and teach, but there is not enough time or inspiration to recharge the batteries. Or you travel a lot and you do not get the chance to go to a Yoga Practice regularly.

Everyone needs to nourish themselves so you can give and share again – as a teacher or any other professional.
The (Self -) Practice is a way to explore new ways and also to maintain your “repertoire”.

Here is a text I wrote after one of my “Tempelvisits” (that’s what I call the Self Practice).
I hope you enjoy it and get inspired to also roll out your mat!

“It’s morning,

I roll out my mat – my carpet, the ticket to the state of Flow.
I feel my feet , I breathe, I sense my body today –

it’s never the same, every day feels slightly different.
Sensing what my body needs


I make sound, I voice my breath  –
I sense. I breathe.
Following the impulse inside.

The mat is the ticket to the temple.
In the beginning my mind often jumps allover the place, that ‘s what it does, the mind is a wild horse –

Lists of stuff to do, people to call, visions, ideas, wonders, doubts and fears.
I let it be and keep breathing and moving on my mat, sometimes ever so slowly, sometimes rhythmical and energetic.

The Body, my temple, tells me what to do and where to go in the journey.
I might follow the road map of a sequence, a guide line to follow.

The experience of many years of practice has manifested in a structure
inside that does not need more form because it IS inside of me.

As I progress moment by moment and stay true to listening and breathing I feel what will be the next step.
I do not have to think it up, it evolves, it arrives in the present, it IS a Present.

Also when I am still I am listening, especially then I am listening.
I open the radio station to receive. I am sending through intent.


After the practice I feel ready and open.
Organized and tuned from the inside to deal what needs to be dealt with.

Sometimes I feel vulnerable and fragile, but always from a place of honesty.
Facing what asks for attention and maybe also confrontation.”








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