The river and the rock…about fluidity and stability

Spring is in the air!
Last week I was walking with my son at the beach side in La Palma.

We passed a place where the cliffs are rocky and the water was splashing wildly in a canyon.

Rock and water

We both stood silent for a moment, fascinated by the power of the waves and the bizarre rock formation.

Water is fluid, it adapts to the circumstances, it can be wild and splashy like in this canyon, quiet and reflecting in a pond, broad and carrying when it’s a river, icy crystals when it’s freezing…

Water always goes where it needs to be and does so with everchanging fluidity naturally.

Here comes the contrast:
Rocks are solid, hard and stable. They stand.
To change a rock takes years, generations, even millions of years. Rocks and mountains are steady and abiding:

Mountain energy is standing in your power
and simply being there, holding the ground.
Water and Rock are like Yin and Yang

Yin as fluid, receiving, soft, going with, embracing:
the female essence.

Yang as directive, strong, powerful and stable:
the male essence.

You have both qualities inside of you
no matter if you are a man or a woman
-they are part of you.

The principles are everywhere:
in nature, in people, in practices!

here are some examples:
If you are a yoga practicioner for sure you have experienced the benefits of a balanced yin-yang practice.

In dance, be it Tango or other forms of dancing it’s equally nourishing to balance the polarities of yin and yang, male and female qualities.

Here comes the point of exploration and reflection:

When are you in mountain energy?
strong, holding the ground, keeping direction, being stable…
Is that easy for you ? Is it hard for you?

When are you in in water energy?
fluid, going with, embedding, adaptable…
Is that easy for you ? Is it difficult for you?

Our relationships with friends, lovers, partners, kids need both…
You have both inside of you!






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