The qualities of Ganesh, the Elephant God

This morning during my practice I listened to my inner voice on what the subject of this article shall be…I do have something planned in the pipeline, but somehow it did not feel right for february.

My intuition let me suspend the plan I had for this month and when I surfed for inspiration on the internet, guess who popped into my sight and it felt just right:


The elephant god.

This chubby charming deity who rides on a rat at times is enourmously popular, not only in Hindi Culture but all over the world:
What does he stand for?

Ganesh is the remover of all obstacles, he grants new perspectives and guides us to recognize our strength and wisdom.

He is symbol for prosperity, fortune and success.

This elephant god stands for the 1st chakra, the Muladahra Chakra connected with groundedness, safety, earth and a rooted sexuality.


Now in february we are lingering in the space between still winter and not quite spring yet. The time asks for faith into new beginnings and the trust that obstacles can be overcome.
The rest and rootedness that Ganesh emanates stands for a basic power that can allow us to spread our wings into new adventures or to keep the “fuel” to carry on even though the path is rocky and full of stones.  






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