Collective consciousness in progress: the Corona Crisis

Was it 6th sense?

Or am I just totally in the stream of events…

Resilience and to bounce back was the topic on my mind even before the whole wave of CORONA swept over the globe.

Now we are right in it!

It affects us all around the world, a collective crisis where no-one knows where it leads and how long it will last…

How to be resilient, stay aware and open with this uncertainty and things changing constantly?

How to stay away from all kinds of fears when the order in the world seems to fall apart?

Fear attracts fear. It’s a law of nature.-)

It can be :
a) paralyzing – when the panic stops you and narrows your vision (see the pic below)….. or


b) mobilizing!  – when the adrenaline gives you energy to go out of your comfort zone

The pressure of the situation, the fear of not having an in-come plus more having time at hand ! – can also breed and feed creativity big time and give birth to new initiatives:

It’s happening massively now!

Zoom on-line classes and digital learning, sharing, teaching sprouting everywhere, people helping each other and being connected in a different way as before. Funny and uplifting video’s blossom like the flowers in spring

We are all together in this!

Here some examples:
Fear  –
this was before the yoga studios closed down:

One of my students, a young man who recently had a burn out

“ Actually I am quite relieved about all the cancellations…
I suffer from FOMO (Fear- Of- Missing -Out).
And with everything around being cancelled anyway it helps me to relax into the moment.

I am where I am and that’s ok.
I don’t need to be elsewhere than here.”

At some point in my coaching career my boss used the following description about me during a briefing:

“ You are like indian rubber. You bounce back.”

She was referring to my ability to cope with things that don’t go according to plan. The body has that ability:
to keep up even though there is pressure and stress.
Beyond the physical aspect what I find even more interesting is the bounceability of the mind.

I looked up the definitions of resilience:

  1. The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties / toughness.
  2. The ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape. Elasticity.

Resilience is the capacity to cope with stress and adversity.

It comes from believing in yourself and at the same time in something bigger than yourself.

This can be religion, a spiritual belief or like now:
the world telling us that we need to change course.

I do believe and trust that this global mess and break down in the long run with serve us all for the best. We’ll reach a new order and a different way to be on the world.

Blossoming trees

Fear attracts fear. Trust breeds trust. The world is changing.

here an example of change from my own immediate reality:
due to circumstances right now I work in a health food shop.
Yes, I still do work amongst many people – keeping distance, wearing a mouth mask and plastic gloves, “Spugschotten”, distance marks on the floor and washing your hands a million times a day…
to not get infected by the virus, even though I am exposed to contact with many many people per day.-)

Shift in perception:  Respect and Value
What I find quite remarkable in these days is that nurses, garbage men (and wo-men) and food store employees become the new heroes of the time: their work gets more appreciated.

Now to be provided with toilet paper and broccoli is not taken for granted, but is an act of bravery.

Actually it should always be like that . See liquid lead )

The crisis challenges us how to deal with fear, encourages us to use our creativity and helps us to shift our values!

We are asked to be resilient in the situation, and also to contribute towards the new order.


“Going in to go out” is the key in my vision
On the individual level:

Turn your attention inwards, take care of your “inner climate ”,
your inner state of being…
Even if that might mean that You encounter uncomfortable places.
Does it mean to shut off from the world to seclude in hermitage? Certainly not!
The quarantine asks us to stay in physical isolation.
I use the physical isolation to center down.

Practice yoga


Listen to music
Like this one:  Mi cuerpo esta sano


Eat healthy.

Spend time with friends:
zoom, skype, google hangouts make it possible!


That’s to nourish the level of the individual.
Of course this time asks for a collective effort! 
In my vision it feels like circles that expand and diffuse into each other
like a global cellular breathing, an osmosis of collective consciousness

 cellular breathing diagram

The level of your close family and friends:Collect a tribe around you / be part of a tribe:
Support each other!

On a larger level:
Contribute to the growth of the community and help people in need.
Last but not least and oddly enough:
having access to the internet has now turned into a life saver for connection: the charging cable of my phone feels like the umbilical chord into the world!

Physical isolation : yes.
For now!
Social isolation: no.

Let’s stay connected, awake in spirits and support each other in this world changing times!
with Love







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