Contact Tango Course

Contact Tango Course
The first ongoing Course in Amsterdam!

for: All levels
please come prepared to:
Enjoy yourself!

Be welcome to:

– connect to your breath and your spirit as base
– play with your own weight and that of your partner
– discover how to walk like a queen or a king
– engage and let go of contact
experience Tango musicality in your whole body

You always start by connecting to your own body & breath, then followed by partner or groep scores. The course builds gradually, so that everybody can discover and explore in a safe and playful environment. Each class is under a special theme. You won’t learn steps, but focus on quality of touch and mindful attention in musicality.

It’s not necessary to come with a partner, you may if you wish!
We change partners and mix genders in lead and follow.

here some links for inspiration:
(different teachers, dancers so you get a variety of impressions)

The Process/Journey    (Leilani Weiss)

The Musicality/Clarity  (Sonia Armisen/ David Schneider)

The Performance/Stage   (Lydia Müller / Ezequiel Sanucci)

Teachers:  Claudia Kratzheller / Lydia Müller

Shoes:             no Tangoshoes, we dance either on bare feet or socks.
: Clothes you feel comfortable in to move in and out of the floor. Wear your elegance from inside out!

we speak english, dutch, spanish or german!

Time:  19.15 – 20.30h
Please come on time (so you can settle in with your body & spirit!)
Dates: 09, 16, 23, 30 januari (JAM, open voor iederen!) & 06, 13 februari
Price: 90,00 euro (6 keer, 15,oo euro per class, PIN ONLY! -Thank you!)

reserve your place: 
mail me at:
or contact

Jam:  15,00 euro  voor alle free spirits!
(…and: Free for participants of the Contact Tango Course!)

Studio RasaLila
Tweede Kostverlorenkade 67
1053 SB Amsterdam


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