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Claudia & Max Peschek dancing Milonga
Festival Phantastango july 2015

Claudia on dancing Tango: “Tango belongs to my life like breathing and eating…and I do not want to live without it!
It is a source of inspiration and joy:  you encounter yourself and the partner in connection with each other. No dance is like the other, every moment is new and creating  the path that you are walking together…”

Passion…Longing…Buenos Aires…melancholie…women with legs to heaven, men with moustache and slick back hair…yessss, but: First of all, tango is communication:   nonverbal – together, someone once described it as “one heart on four legs”, the embrace and touch as means to move together.


Thank you to my partners!
Tango Nuevo @ Academia de Tango in Amsterdam

Claudia Kratzheller & Ezequiel Sanucci
Claudia & Ezequiel Tango promo 20170818_120038


Contact-Improvisation & Tango

The cross-field of CI and Tango is rich in possibilities for exchange and exploration!
I conduct workshops / classes linking the two worlds.

 Contact –  Tango Laboratories


Themes so far:

(A selection, some themes have been explored for a couple of Labs)

17 okt  “Feel the music in the whole body” 

31 okt   “Elastic Embrace in Space”    

15 nov    “Walking your Heart together”  

29 nov  “Sensitivity & Playfulness in the Legs”
(Guest teacher Lydia Müller)

13 dec  “Enjoying 360: connecting through the back…”

24 jan “Touch to Tango”

07 march “You -Me -Us -It”

13 june  “The Power of the Spiral & The Joy of Constructive Resistance”

04 April  “Space in the Heart- Poetry in the Feet”

26/04  “Eyes, hearts, arms & feet will feet: an invitation to share the embrace (abrazo!)”

 03/10/ “Sensitive  Skin-Space- Pulsing Blood Rhythmn”

19/09/   “Sun -Harvest  –  Musical Blessings”

“Trapped or embraced? – Dynamics in abrazo”

“Take the Lead to Follow – Dynamic (Co -)Leadership”




read here a response from a participant:

“Thank you all for a wonderful time. It is always a pleasure if different dancing backgrounds mix together, people really good in (classical) tango, and contact impro people.
Great combination of passion, intimacy, playfulness and improvisation mix together.
I had a really nice workshop. Dancers, Claudia and Tom Thank you for that!”
by Rogier Guns
Transformation Manager Philips IT Eindhoven
Author of  “Zacht Veranderen”  www.zachtveranderen.com /


Studio Rasalila


Praise the dance, joy and  human connection!

(if you are not familiar with CI, please check also the website below)

For more information check:
Contact-Tango in the Netherlands





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