Tango Quotes

Catalogue of Tango Types

The various  male tango dancers described from the female perspective. Written by an anonymous lady after a first week of Tango night life experience in Buenos Aires. Enjoy  humor with a sharp edge – and : don’t take it too serious…It would be interesting to hear the voice of the male perspective.

MEN: Let’s hear your experiences!!!

The porteno:
“…dances with nearly every woman, he is a worker and neither does he have the money nor the time to take classes, but he lives and enjoys the experience fully.. he is polite and respectful, his movemens are a bit rough , but inventive. Down to earth, sympathetic.”

The Milonguero:
“A gentleman, very selective. he will never invite you to dance if he has not checked out the level of your practice before, seeing you with someone else on the pista….fine-tuned and sensitive, very respectful and friendly. Good technique and musicality.”

The  Tango Tourist
taking classes everywhere and the whole day is in dedication of tango. Trying out more or less skillfully new steps on everybody that’s available. Tango as therapy and self-improvement. Enthousiastic up until obsessive. quite fun to dance with. Exchanging  information about where to go and what to do.

The Woodstick
shuffles you around on the pista as if you were a blow-up doll. Zero sensitivity. Bumps into other people constantly and does not respect non matching levels of technique.

The Techno-Maniac
Is more concerned about himself than dancing with you, executing and showing off figures to impress the people who observe the pista. Arrogant ego-blast.

The Flirt
Squeezes your hand passionately and moans heavily into your ear during the dance.
Observes you with longing eyes across the room and holds you more tight than necessary on the pista.

The Counselor
Gives constant corrections, interpretations and feed-back on how you are dancing.

The Student-hunter
dances once with you and then gives you a DVD and card to inform you about his potential services. Polite routinier.

The Lonely heart
The divorced man who seeks company and temporary intimacy in the dance. Good level, respectful and an agreeable partner for conversation as well.


“cada uno tiene su defectos…” -“no-one is perfect!”

….. we all love to be embraced and enjoy a moment of eternity being one with the partner and the music during the dance…..