Benefits & Use: Why the i-crown ?

Why the  i-crown® ?

…often we find ourselves -consciously or unconsciously- sitting like this:

in a hunch-crunch, chest caved in,  head hanging, shoulders sagging
at the table, on the bike, standing, or sitting in a yoga class


Our bodies may have forgotten how it feels to be up right !

The i-crown placed on the top of the head (the fontanella) works like a crown for the king or the princess that you are:
The weight of the bolster encourages you to gently push up and grow again to your full height and glory of your spine!


i-crown in upright sitting position

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Crownbolster demo Business Table 1

with the i-crown and a happy spine and neck!


Crownbolster demo business Table 2

Erika & crown table

Another way to enjoy the crown is lying down  in PCR – the Position of Constructive Rest

Crownbolster Lying PCR

…and placing the crown on the Hara, the area around the navel
the weight and flexibility makes you aware of your Low Breath

other options to use:

– on the forehead in a forwardbend in baddha konasana/paschimottanasana
– as pillow to exercise Sirsasana (Headbalance)
– on the shoulders in Virabradrasana to keep the shoulders down and at ease
-under the knees when sitting in Padmasana (cross-legged) to accomodate Hip-Rotation

-or simply to rest your head…


…and  I am sure you will discover more possibilities!

Credits for the demo Trailer:
My heartfelt Thank You and Gratitude to everybody involved in this Project,
for your support, creative input, expertise and …PRESENCE!

Starring: Asaf Hacmon / Live Yoga Shala,  Dorit Weintal / Choreographer,  Ewout Pieter den Ouden / Software engineer  – Shiatsu Therapist, Erika Kennedy / PR Consultant & Project Manager for Museums

Special Thanks to :  Asaf Hacmon for Advice /  Yael Assaf / Assistant Director House of Yoga for  Interview /  Simon Rowe DNYS   for Voice / Sound Feed-back!

Co-creator / Script / Editing: Yafit Taranto / Video artist

Camera: Hellen van Harten /  Helldol Produkties

Sneak  Preview for the on-line course SPACE@WORK:

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3 min instruction trailers that help you keep focus, energy, and body awareness during your working day.

Here they are… Your i-crown! 

Let the crowns reach all, and I’d love you all to benefit from them!!! 


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