Are you working a lot at home in front of the computer?
Sitting down for long hours a day?
Do you have tense shoulders and pain in your lower back?

How to stay inspired and inspiring when working long hours behind a screen:

The online course for focus, energy, and breath connection during your working day!
Watch here a free example of the course:

Prevention is better than damage repair:
Investing in this course can save you the time, money and energy to visit a physiotherapist !

NOW: due to the special circumstances – Corona  ahhhh! …-  massive DISCOUNT  on the whole course: you get access to the full course instead of 60,50 euro for 42,50 euro

For everybody who works behind computers
Language: English

11 short films  2-3 min each.

The mini sessions help you to (re-)focus and stay engaged in your body when you have periods of intense mental “only” activity and long periods of sitting in front of a screen. The exercises are energizing and increase body & breath awareness.
They are in ideal complementation to regular exercise like yoga, walking, running, dancing etc!

Topics for the episodes:

1) Intro Course: Welcome!
2) Intro i-crown: Falling in love…
3) Active sitting / Foundation
4) Freedom for the shoulders / Mobility
5) Top department: Head and Neck / Mobility
6) Low belly breathing / Calming the mind
7) Seated twist / Flexibility
8) Seated curl / Relaxation
9) Dress to…have space!

10) Bonus 1
Extra Breathing Instruction: prolonged exhalation
calming for the mind – creating space between your thoughts.

11) Bonus 2 
Mobility and Micro movements: Active sitting EXTRA 


Special offer!

SPACE@WORK Course with  massive DISCOUNT:

You get access to the full course instead of 60,50 euro for 42,50 euro

For this price you get :
9      Instruction Videos
2     Bonus Trailers

Price: instead of 60,50 euro for 42,50 euro

watch here a short feel-good trailer:

How does it work:
You place your order in the webshop.

After your payment has been received you get an e-mail with your password.
With your personal password you get exclusive access to the Space@Work course

Here  you find the link to the full album
(accessible with password)

You can do the sessions on your phone or on the computer whenever you want and need!


As Extra BONUS  you get a free Inspiration Session
of your choice either
Personal Coaching
Private Yoga Class
-Regular value between 55,- 65,00 euro-
If you are interested, BOOK A CALL 

If you wish, get an i-crown as well.

i-crown black

It will be your friend and companion and help you not to shrink…
There are many ways for this friend to help you: 12 ways to use your i-crown


“Postural Integration is not a quick fix.
It’s a long-term love affair.” CK.

happy spines = happy people!