Space: give it – take it – share it!

This edition I’d like to look at SPACE:

How do you feel when you hear:
You are blending in!
Accepted, seen… or invisible?

How do you feel when you hear:
You are standing out!
Proud, shy, seen… comfortable?

However your inner response to this questions is:

Taking up Space – Sharing Space.
It is an ever flexible and changing phenomenum!

Space has many forms:
physical space, emotional space, energetic space. 

Your body and it’s three dimensional shape take up space.
The trees in the picture below can only grow in a healthy way if they have enough space to spread their branches and grow their roots.

Forest and light






Here some Body-examples:

Space inside your body:

I remember standing in the subway in Argentina during the time of rush hour.
I was pressed against complete strangers in an uncomfortably intimate way – and there was barely space to breathe.By planting my feet firmly on the ground and breathing deeply I widened my chest:  I “inflated” the space I was taking.
Space outside your body:

a situation in Amsterdam:
When biking in Amsterdam especially in the inner city around the canals it often happens that the street is blocked by lorries when they unload the goods. As cyclist you have to sometimes make your way through quite a narrow path. Being aware how much space you take simply avoids scratches and collisions on a practical level.

And: by consciously taking your space – to stay with this example on the bike – sitting up straight and having a 360 degree vision around it’s much more likely that you get the space that you need also on an energetic level.

Those of you who are dancing Tango may know the dance of the space in the Milonga: where to place yourself when you’d like to dance, where to sit when you want to rest…

The Point:
How aware are you to space?
Inside and outside yourself?

Do you like to take up space?
Are you shy to take up space?

Do you sometimes feel that you are invisible?
Do you create space for yourself?
Literally in the house or by taking time out?

I invite you to experiment with shifts in space and the effect on yourself and other people.

How to do that? Here some simple ideas:
-When you enter into a room take a different place at the table
-Right now as you read this notice if you can breathe deeply and look around.
-Take a walk.

What does space give you?
I wish you fun with exploring and discovering!







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