Retreat Themes


A long weekend in Nature where you can immerse into yourself and the support of the group deeply.
Listening, learning, playing, laughing, crying, being lazy and also wild – all is possible, nothing has to happen.

Come as you are  – leave as a Star! 
Shining from the inside -out

The body is the base of our well being and inner wisdom.

– Listening to the messages of your body
– Sharing Space together and alone
– Trusting Your Inner Voice and your Intuition
– Celebrating Your Glory & Having FUN!


Sharing freedom and support at the same time!

Through the Yoga Sessions you deepen the connection with your body with the guidance of Breath and Intention
The Alexandertechnique re-aligns your habits and helps you gradually shift into a way of moving with more ease

Yoga / Breath Alignment by Claudia 
During the Slow Flow Yoga Classes in the morning we’ll work with Breath Alignment:

at it’s origin its very simple: Intention – Breath – Movement

you listen to the breath, on the wave of the breath you move, sending your intent into the practice.
The forms are very clear and simple, and independant of your level as Practicioner you can follow.
balancing effort and ease to what you need in that very moment, both on a physical, emotional and energetic level.

comments from women who joined before

As a side effect of this work it often happens that sounds emerge, as we tune into the breath:
we might sing or shout or whisper…open up into inner spaces that you might not have known before!



Alexandertechnique / Shifting Habits by Yvonne

Yvonne will work one -on – one with Breath and Touch applying the Alexandertechnique to discover postural habits and ways how to shift them.

During the afternoons we’ll work with one or some of the above themes  – depending on what the group wants and needs.
There will be place for Silence and Inner Listening, for ex-change on questions and personal attention.

Maybe we will Work with a partner or buddy who can give feed-back or simply is present by active listening / witnessing.
The program can be adapted and discussed depening on the group-s needs.


Here more about Yvonne & AT:
“Working with dancers for 30 years in the cultures of 4 continents has motivated me to observe the way of learning of human beings.

It seems that learning as a door to lasting change meets resistance. Engraved habits are comfortable as we already own them. This can be a physical or emotional process at it’s origin. The Alexander Technique offers a respectful spectrum of tools to experience these habits and invite change for more ease in moving.

We will use daily movements like standing, sitting, walking, moving as basis to the work with the Alexander Technique on the origin of habits.

Breathing and touching are ways to let us ourselves owe again the way we desire things and not let be lived by our habits. The Alexander Technique is a powerful way to more panoramic view and in-depth experience of our proprioceptive awareness and our nervous pathways engraved.

There will be a lot of 1:1 personal working time.
For (Tango-) Dancers, Curious movers, people with desire to move with less effort in their lives.

Watch out, we might easily rise up and be a centimeter taller at the end of the workshops… 😉
The provided material goes beyond the workshop and participants can take home a tool.”    Yvonne Meissner