Purity of thought

Below you see the waters in crete, where I spend a week of leisure and sharing…
…and now the temperatures here are also mediterranean!

It’s warm, the sky is blue. There is time.

No pressing events ahead.

Except for the ones in the future.
The mind can leap into the future in an instant – bridging time and space.

Purity of thought.
Like the crystalclear water I had the pleasure to swim in on the island:
Transparent, cleansing, allembracing and bathing in fluidity.

Water in Crete

Water can go anywhere. It can change it’s state of matter depending on the circumstances.
Our thoughts and intentions also can go anywhere.

As a saying goes:
we have the opportunity to choose our thoughts.
Like we choose our clothes in the morning.
Every day. And every moment!

What we say and especially how we say it affects the energy field in and around us.
Before the spoken word there is an intention, a thought or a feeling.

How often does it happen that you say something, but inside you mean something else?
How often does it happen that you do something, but your mind and thoughts are totally else where?

If that’s the case there is a mismatch between present moment and attention.
Don’t worry, it happens to all of us and all too often.
It is part of being an evolved human and probably part of being a gifted thinker.-)

When the attention is in the present moment and sensations, thoughts and feelings are in line with what is happening right NOW :

that’s FLOW.

Pure and simple. Like the flowing water:
Purity in intention, in deed and feeling…






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