Pelvic Matrix


How we balance and carry ourselves is closely connected with the alignment of the pelvis,
as it is the center of the body.

Many people asked me after attending the Magic of the Pelvis workshop to record the exercises.
-and so I did!

With Happiness and pride I offer you now:

The Pelvic Grounding Matrix – online course

Watch the introduction here

Sit Hands






This series of movement sequences supports you in your body awareness.
The exercises are simple, and mostly done slowly to increase awareness of your pelvic area.

Done regularly and with mindful attention, they will help you to move with more ease and less effort.

Keywords are:
Awareness, Empowerment, Fluidity, Elongation, and Change

Other benefits:

  • release of lower back pain
  • toning of the deep abdominal muscles
  • prevention of hip problems
  • stress relief
  • increased libido

Watch here one free episode:

The Pelvic Clock







If you are interested in the whole series,
you can purchase the course here

You’ll get:

  • 11 films to watch and practice at home:
  • Belly Breathing vs Mula Bandha Breathing
  • Snake Breath
  • Pelvic Clock
  • Pelvic Bridge
  • Hip Opener
  • Uni Lateral Psoas Set
  • Circular Ground Twist
  • Sandwich
  • Space Waker
  • Centering in and down








“I love Claudia’s pelvic floor awareness exercises.
They are easy to perform and at first, you wouldn’t think they would do much. But here is my experience:
During doing the exercise for the first time, I felt how the stagnated energy is slowly releasing and warmth spreading through the pelvic area, a very pleasant feeling. After a few days of doing the exercises, I noticed that my lower back is feeling less tense. And when I do work out, my left hip is feeling less tired than usual! Very interesting and valuable experience, thank you!”

Anastasia Zvereva


 More free information on Alignment and Pelvic Presence:

In this short video
Pelvic Alignment on the floor

you see the difference between:

-pelvic neutrality:
the front and the back of the body are in balance

and two types of common imbalances:
– Lordosis: the ribs “stick” out and the lumbar is over-curved.
– Kyphosis: the tail is tucked in, and the lower back is pressed against the floor.

Many ailments, like lower back pain, or pelvic instability for instance after giving birth for women have their origin when the alignment of the skeleton and stabilizing muscles don’t work well together.

Why is this important?
The position of pelvic neutrality is vital as the basis for all movement:
be it yoga practice, walking, or any form of exercise.
It is the healthiest position for your posture.

It is best to experience this lying down with the spine supported by the floor.

What does it give you?
When you feel the pelvis neutral in this supported floor position,
it is also easier to feel the same as you stand, walk, practice, or dance!