Own Your Voice


For Female Leaders 
Own your Voice from the Core 

Watch here a short film on:

Speak from your Pelvic Floor

Empower, connect and thrive from the deepest level


Would you like to share your mission and inspire people by speaking?
Would you like to feel more at ease and confident when presenting?
Maybe you are shy to speak in public, but you’d like to be more seen and heard?

You know, for me it was a struggle for many years to make my voice heard,
to grab the moment to speak up, and dare to do it!

This is what Women experience before they come to me for support:

“Why do people not hear me? Or speak over me?”

“I become shy and am worried about what people will think of me”

“ I get nervous….when I need to speak to people I don’t know
Especially in online meetings, I tend to just listen and not speak up.”

“Help! I am a talking head! I lost connection with my body…”

“In pressured situations, I can’t listen anymore, I lose connection- to myself and other people”

The good news is:
it does not have to be like that.

before…and after

See, it’s possible to shift and change.

Here is a short and sweet inquiry, that you can fill in to check in with YOU

Validation Survey

 It’s a touch base.

It can help you to reflect on the subject and it gives me insight into you.
We can then plan a call to see what is most important for you!

positive changes in the life, hands holding white sign on the sky background





This training will enable you to

– feel more grounded, safe, and connected to yourself and others

– interact and inspire people authentically based on embodied trust and confidence

– speak with clarity, empathy, and joy

– have more meaningful and clear relationships

– communicate wholeheartedly and aligned with your body and soul

– being able to handle stress and performance anxiety better

– feel more at ease in any space and use the dynamics of a situation

The Benefits
Your milestones of Change and Growth

  • The shift in Mindset: Tackle your Limiting beliefs and turn them into Possibilities
  • Recognizing, respecting, and communicating your boundaries
  • Clear Communication / Feedback toolkit
  • Impactful Presence through Body and Voice
  • Unshakable Confidence to stand your ground anywhere!
  • Being more at ease with Public Speaking /tools to overcome “stage fright”



I am here to support You!

How are we going to get there?

Be solid as a rock and flowing as water:
Core Connection through Pelvic Grounding


Out of your mind and into your body:
Practical tools for Body and Voice Presence


Voice training: get to know the possibilities of Your Voice
widen the range and repertoire of vocal expression


Giving and receiving Feedback
be clear on what you say and how it’s perceived


Communication toolkit:
understanding and being understood


Play, Improvise and find your Genius on the Go
Shaping your ideas and Composing your Mission


Spatial awareness:
Own the space, inhabit and share it at the same time:
connect and inspire


Embodied Group learning / Shared experience


4 months – 6 women-live and online encounters – Peer Support-Group learning & individual attention-safe and encouraging environment- online learning database- voice support system.