Massage: prices


60 min   70,00 euro          whole body massage
90 min   90,00 euro          whole body massage


-all prices are incl. 21% BtW-

The treatments have a short in-take talk before to figure out what you wish and need for the session.
An inquiry on your health: mental, physical, and energetic condition.


Make appointment:
please mail to

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Once you experienced the effect of the massage,
it’s very likely that your body and mind will want that feeling of bliss and relaxation on a regular basis.

Here are Package Offers

Treatment 90 min
5 -er card                     430,00 euro        5   %    price reduction
3-er card                      265,00 euro       2,5 %    price reduction

Treatment 60 min
5-er card                     332,30 euro        5   %     price reduction
3-er card                     205,00 euro        2,5 %    price reduction

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