Loving sparkle! Let the light shine through the cracks.

It’s december, the end of the year is approaching!

X-mas is around the corner…

Maybe you are christian – maybe you are not….?
Maybe you are a parent – maybe you are not…?

Are you human? Yes!
Were you a child once? Yes!

The innocence and vulnerability of a new born child is mesmerizing. You can be a fan of babies, you can also find them strange creatures, or anything in between that spectrum,
however your relationship may be :

In each one of us there is still an inner child. 
Independant of your age in the calendar.

Your inner child.
With a heart that’s pure and loving.

Maybe also with cracks and hurts, it is unavoidable when growing up and becoming civilised…
Learning to love the cracks as well as the treasures in your heart is essential for being honest and truthful to yourself and others.

Sounds deep and wise, eh? How to do it?

I’d like to share with you a special ritual:
The Four chambered heart meditation.

I practice it regularly as part of my inner emotional “house keeping”. Please click here for the full version  for you to experience and try it out.

At it’s base there are four qualities of the heart:
full, open, strong and couragious:

Photo on 18-12-18 at 13.03
abundance. full of energy, generous, overflowing, giving and sharing your love and your talents
sensitivity of a very young child. unprejudiced, being able to  receive love as your natural state of being
diamond clarity and sentience. Like a pool of water that simply reflects, and does not colour or judge what it sees.
courage. holding your ground, like a lion king or queen.
You have nothing and no-one to fear.

Without this your heart can live, but it can not fly!







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