Love the beast! reflection on shadow and light

In Juli the middle of the year the summer is in full bloom
with a lot of sunshine!
Radiant, full of light and warmth.

This months edition I’d like to devote to the power of light –
and with that actually the shadow side as well!

Light and shadow belong to each other.
Where there is light, there is shadow as well.
Like day and night, yin and yang, black and white.

Forest and light

As it’s the middle of the year, let’s look at the corresponding place in the body:
The solar plexus.

Like juli is the month in the middle of the year, the solarplexus is in the center of your body:
the place to shine your light like a sun into the world!
It is associated with heat, clear direction, willpower and healthy ambition:

(for precise location see the footnote below.-)

The solar plexus is also the home of the ego.
The light side of the Ego is necessary and useful.

Just think of the sentence: “He’s / she’s got guts! “
Daring to go into an unknown place, taking a risk, being a pioneer!

Imagine yourself magnetically attractive, radiant with confidence and generous:
this happens naturally when your solar plexus is engaged in a positive sense.

Often the Ego is condamned as something ”bad”:
That is when the negative, the shadow side of the ego is having a party in you:

You think that everybody wants to hurt you, you are paranoid and anxious.
You are locked up in yourself and keep your gifts to yourself.
You destroy and devastate, literally -or in-side your own mind.

Do you know your shadow sides?
Often one is blind to see the own shadow side.
Or you are aware, but are ashamed of what you see and like to push it aside…

The shadow sides in you are often the sides that you ‘d like to hide
– or maybe that you are hiding in…

Do you know your light and radiant sides?
It’s part of self knowledge and daring to show and share that with the world.
To be shy about your positive qualities is often rooted in cultural conditioning.
Or it’s out of fear that when we dare to shine others will be flustered or jealous.

To accept and embrace the shadow and the light
is part of the whole spectrum of your personality. 

And still it is not who you are in essence, it’s just your behaviour.-)

In spanish you say :

“Amar a la bestia a dentro.“
“Love the beast inside of you.”

Inspiration versus mediocracy
When you dare to stand in your full light and glory
you inspire others to do so too!

There might come a point in your life when you realize:
the shadow sides are part of you – exactly as the shiny radiant parts as well!
The intimacy of knowing yourself in full monty.

Have a wonderful summer with all shades of shadow and bright light!

The location of the solarplexus
It starts at the xhipoid process which is the end of the bony part of your sternum, the breast bone,  also called manubrium and then extends radially in the center part of your body into the stomach and the digestive system.






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