Look back and shine on! – reflect and project

December it is.
The end of the year is approaching.

As I write this I hear the raindrops dropping on the roof…
and next to me candles are burning, quietly and steady.

Water and Fire.
Two elemental forces…right now dropping and melting

Winter has this quality of dropping and melting.
Giving in, resting, looking inward.

Reflection on what has been – imagining what might be.
and resting in the NOW.

candles melting 2

As you are reading I ask you:
Do you feel you can make time to reflect back?
To look inward ?

Maybe this days before x-mas are filled with running around, finishing stuff off, fretting about deadlines and longing for resting and dropping time rather than actually having it…?

Maybe you have the feeling that life is living you 
rather than the other way around!

For me it has been a year with many changes, with letting go on many levels.
Some ignited by me because it was time for change and directive decision.

Others happened because life is beyond control many times and all you can do is feel into what’s happening and navigating with the wind of change.

Let me share here with you what helped me during this last year of turbulence and change:
Guidelines that help:

  • – respecting the long bow: give time for development
  • – keeping the vision clear
  • – being open to navigate and adapt in the path
  • – recognizing when it’s really time to shift course
  • – regularly ask for informed advice / feed-back
  • – select from that what helps and what to drop
  • – appreciating the fruits of the work / the project / the progress

Last but not least:
Trust your gut & follow your heart

I wish you a restful and reflective time!
Looking back and imagining forward.

Resting in the now.
Be it alone and in the midst of friends and family !







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