Light your Fire. Let go!

Welcome to the new season!
Letting go.

Leaves and grid


Saying goodbye to summer is a symbol of transformation.

Letting go creates space…to be open and welcome
-a new season, new times, new opportunities, and new pathways.

Is it easy for you to let go?
Or do you tend to stay attached and hold on to how things have been?

There are many ways of letting go:

You can declutter your closet, clean your inbox, get rid of odd gifts you received once (though given with well-meant intention for sure), sort out your wardrobe, and more…

I’d like to focus here on ex-pressing and letting go of emotions, particularly the ones that often stay hidden, or kept inside.

Are you in touch with those feelings?
and if so – do you express them?

Do you let out your anger?
Do you feel your sadness?
Do you notice when you feel resentment?

What happens when you don’t process these emotions:
– you send out mixed messages
– you become passive-aggressive
– You avoid people or situations out of fear you will behave out of wack
– you fall ill

Obviously, it’s not always useful to bluntly show your feelings with everybody in all situations.

It’s a dance in itself to choose when to express and when not!

The good news is:
You can develop the ability to consciously deal with your emotions.

You can choose to embrace your feelings
You choose the dance!

How do you do that?

One way is: THE KALI RITUAL 


 You’ll find clear guidelines how to do the Ritual in this Link.
I’ll attach the audio file as well, in case you prefer to listen than to read.To process your emotions is a way to get clear with your inner household-
so you can focus truly on what nourishes you!

I’d like to give Credits to Silja Thor, my dear mentor!
She introduced me to the Kali Ritual in this form.
Thank you!






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