Light your Fire! Authenticity and Identity.

November is here with golden light and sunny afternoons and long evenings with candle light…
Lovely to enjoy the colours of the leaves (still!) or to  be cosy inside -and to take some time for reflection:

I’d like to invite you this time on the theme of
Being yourself !  To be authentic.

What does it actually mean?
To be pure, genuine and real.

When are you totally yourself? Totally authentic?
Are you like that all the time?
Are you adapting and editing yourself depending where or with whom you are?
Just showing parts of yourself that you consider acceptable for the situation?

Are you living your life in an authentic way?
Often enough?

Yes, it’s a big question!
And an opportunity to reflect upon…

candles melting 2

Let me tell you a story:

It it summer. Tangofestival. Campsite.
Four a’ clock at night.

I am asleep in my tent like a hamster in a cave…
many nights of dance and joy before called for a night of sleep and repose…

That was the plan.-)
I wake up – Milonga tunes!

The music is irresistible…
I peel myself out of the sleeping bag, my body carries me to the dance floor

No tart up – no make up, no fancy shoes, no sexy dress- no prep time-)
Instant happiness in (red!) pyjamas …the music dances me
and out of nowhere a dancing partner appears:

Music, flow, joy, connection.
Just like that.

What happened?
I did not think. I did not plan. I was in the moment.
My body -and the music ! took care of me.

I was myself.
No-one else in the pyjamas.-)
Pure, genuine and real.

The story is as real as I am.
There are many times when I forget about the joy and the spark that live inside of me.
Worries (inside blockage) and circumstances (outside blockage) can blur the vision and trouble the access to that intrinsic joy of life.

How is that for you?

Do you have enough moments of play and unedited fun?
What lights your fire?

Small kids and animals all have that spark and joy of life
just like that because they are happy to be on the planet!

They don’t care about editing themselves and fitting into the situation
just like I did not care about make-up or heels when I crawled out of my tent and stumbled in my pyjamas onto the milonga dancefloor
To be authentic means to dare to show yourself.
The full spectrum:

Do you live your joy?
Do you let out your anger?
Do you feel your sadness?

Are you in touch with your feelings?
and if so – do you show them?

Obviously it’s not always useful to bluntly show your feelings with everybody in all situations.
It’s a dance in itself to choose when to show and when not!

The good news is that you can develop the ability to consciously deal with your emotions.
Rather than being a slave to the situation where you feel you have to edit yourself or you get overwhelmed…

You can choose to embrace your feelings
You choose the dance!

How do you do that?

In case you are curious to dive deeper into that take a look here

For now I wish you an intimate and insightful month of November
with light and love!






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