i-phone island

NEW in the BL collection:

a safe, yet unconventional and central place to keep the phones for a group of people:
i-phone island – an exquisite home for your phone!

…and you can be together with full attention!


i-phone island hanging

hanging and horizontal with solid hook construction.

Colours: Lime green top, shiny black underground, satin red and black silk piping
Phone compartments : red, black, bordeaux & zebra fur

Diameter: 60 cm, weight 450 gr
Material: Linnen, Silk, Satin & Viscose


This model serves up to six places.
It has been designed by Body-Linguistics on commission of EPT
www.executiveperformancetraining.com and can be delivered on demand.


How to use the island: inserting the phones




please send me a mail  to inquire!





i-phone island horizontal