The illusion of control and the “photosynthesis” of breathing.

How did you wake up this  the morning?
Were you instantly awake and jumped out of bed like a spring chicken ?
I have heard that people exist who do that…-)

Or are you more the type of :
“Don’t you dare talking to me until I’ve had my first cup of coffee-) or tea.”

Any variation inbetween these two extremes:

Which state are you in when you wake up?
Which thoughts or feelings are on your mind?

Have you ever heard the expression:
your thoughts shape your reality.

If you think: Yes, I like to do this!!! and you truely feel it, chances are higher that you enjoy what you do.
If you think: Oh dear, this is going to be hard. It might be that you will have to struggle…

Outer circumstances might sabotage your inner plan, odds might be stacked up against you – the rain does not stop, you are stuck in a traffic jam, the career does not go the way you’d like it to, your relationship brakes down, your partner gets an incurable disease, you name it…

The circumstances around you will always change. like the clouds in the sky…
and over many outer circumstances we do not have any control!

What you can influence is how you relate to it,
what you feel and think about it.

Here are some Tips and insights:

– observe what’s happening inside of you
– notice which feelings you have, which thoughts are on your mind

Do you like what you notice?
Treasure it. Give a smile of gratitude.

Do you encounter beasts and monkeys ?
That means nagging, critizising and negative thoughts


If you fight or deny them they get bigger, like pouring oil on fire.
Welcome the beasts to have a stroll in your inner landscape, notice them, let them be there.

Here comes the important bit:
Welcome them, but leave the door open, so they can go again.

How to do that?
Your breath can help you !

You can scream and hit a punching ball. That’s one way.-)
…often there is no punching ball around when you need it
but your breath is always available !

Here I give you a short intro to
Tonglen Breathing Meditation
Tonglen Breathing derived from an ancient Practice in Tibet.
It is a practice of compassion and kindness, for yourself and for others –
as thoughts, intentions and feelings transcend space and time.

– as you inhale you imagine to absorb the negativity, the pain, the struggle, taking it in, accepting it.
– during the exhale you imagine positive images, feelings and thoughts – and breathe them out

I like to compare it metaphorically to what trees do during the process of Photosynthesis:
changing carbondioxide and sunlight into oxygene and nutrition to grow and be healthy.

We can learn from the plants and trees! 
If you are interested to read more about the benefits of Tonglen have a look at this Blog:






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