Heart Meditation

Welcome to The Four Chamber Heart Meditation.
I practice it regularly as part of my inner emotional “housekeeping”.

To start for the first time it will take maybe 15-20 min, depending on what space and time you have available.

When you are familiar with the structure you can even do it in 5 min, or for instance, only focus on one chamber if that is what You feel will help you on that particular day.

Here is an audio file you can listen to:

At its base, there are four qualities, represented by four metaphoric chambers in the heart.
full, open, clear, and courageous. 

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When you do the complete ritual you address each chamber separately, starting with the left upper chamber (the full heart) and then devoting equal time to each chamber until you have accessed all four in a round.

In the description below you find the blossoming qualities, and also the “other side of the coin”:
when the quality in question lacks presence and how that can feel like.

The purpose of this meditation is to become aware of your heart’s qualities and to empower them.

You might also notice that maybe one quality is very strong and the others are a little shy or even shriveled.
If that is so, notice it and take it as an indication to give more nourishment and compassion to the shy part.

Important: Embrace what you feel independent if you like it or not.-!
It’s like being with a little child (your inner child that actually lives in you until you die)  that needs encouragement and love.

here you find guidance to practice it on your own.
It’s helpful to first read through the four qualities and then start the inner journey.
You can also do the mediation together with a friend, your partner or a whole group.


here we go:

Find a quiet place.
Sit down in meditation posture and connect to your breath.
Visualize your heart. If it helps you, bring one or both hands onto your heart.

You can fine-tune your posture with micro-movements
allow yourself to dis-cover the presence of your heart inside of you.
Bring your heart energetically into the middle of your chest.

Take 3 very deep breaths.

…almost until you feel uncomfortable, widen your ribcage and expand your heart.
Let the image of a person emerge in you that you love very very much.

See the face and hear the voice of that person…
Can you allow yourself to be touched and to be open?
You are opening heart protector now.


Now transfer your focus to the left upper chamber of the heart :
with each breath, listen to the qualities of the full heart, notice if you feel them strongly, maybe also open your awareness to what the heart tells you.

Is the quality very present in your heart?
If so, acknowledge and treasure it.
Does it need support?
If so can you feel what it needs?

Breathe into the chamber of the heart and listen…

Here is abundance, full of energy, generous, overflowing, giving
What do you have to share, to give?
Are you spreading your energy and talents unconditionally – or are you being selective ?

The other “side of the coin”:

Being halfhearted, not knowing about your capacity to give
no sense of presence. Hedging your bets and being calculative with your love


Important: Embrace what you feel independent if you like it or not.

Like that you proceed with each chamber.

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There is the sensitivity of a very young child. Being unprejudiced and the idea of right and wrong does not exist: the innocence of being in the garden of Eden.

Being able to receive the love of the other.

Closed, shielded, embittered, and hard-hearted: the wounds are too great, I shut down I can’t feel…
Black heart: hurting on purpose to “get even” . The paradox of emotional “fairness”-)

This is diamond clarity and sentience. It’s like a pool of water that simply reflects, and does not colour or judge.

A clear heart is the connection of the throat to the heart, with a voice that is crystal clear: there is nothing to hide, there are no tricks and no games.
It’s being able to see all and reflecting it back without opinion but with compassion and clarity.

Cloudy heart: indecision, not knowing which way to go, unable to see what troubles someone.
Being obsessed with your own “stuff”.

That’s a place of courage, of holding your ground: you are like a lion or a king or queen.
Being able to look on everything with absolute equanimity because you have nothing and no-body to fear. Without this your heart can live, but it can not fly!

The opposite is being so-called “yellow-bellied, lily livered”: when you are  indecisive, prevaricating and holding back. Quivering and being tentative and diffident. It’s being subservient to others because you lack the courage to stand for your own actions.

After the meditation, you can rest in child’s pose for a couple of breaths if that fit’s your mood.
If you feel strong and energized, maybe speak internally with a wish for others to share the benefit.

I wish you truthful and loving encounters in the journey into your heart!
Ps: when you decide on a personal coaching traject the heart meditation may be one of the tools we will be working with.

Credits :
This meditation has it’s roots in shamanic tradition o.a. by Angeles Arrien. I got introduced to it through the book “The Heart of Listening” written by the visionary craniosacral therapist Hugh Milne.