Habits & Appreciation: Changing from “I must” to “I can” !

Yes, Habits are the theme of this month

Are you also a creature of habit?

The definition of habit as I looked it up:
Habit, deriving from Habitat:

“The natural environment in which an animal or a plant lives.”
The place to be at Home.
You might ask:
What sort of habits do you mean?

Of course there are many different sorts of habits:
physical, emotional, cultural ones
and all of these can be either supportive for You … or sabotaging You!

Today I’d like to zoom in with you on examples of physical and emotional habits.

Often they are closely interconnected, as the body and the mind influence each other constantly.


Are you ready?

A common habit that happens a lot:

Shrinking in when you sit in front of the computer… for sure you know that one as it is soooo popular  nowadays!  getting sucked into the screen or your phone…with the consequence that you restrict your breathing because your lungs get crushed – and your heart as well! Besides: we are not built to sit still for long times in a row…


What can you do to change it?

Take mini – breaks. Get off the chair, get up from the computer and stretch, or skip up and down –  dance through the office or your kitchen! 

Use an  i-crown for a while when you sit down again, giving mental and physical space for yourself.  


Let’s look now on two cases of emotional or mental sabotage:

Negative thinking. 
You know this worst case scenarios that can create a whole prison in your head…

And very often it has nothing to do what is actually happening!

Or,  also at times quite popular : It is not enough.
 There are always things that could be better, other job, different partner, that world trip that you still have not made yet…the list is never finished  – EVER! 

The thriving for other things or not being happy with what is there unless it is 100 % perfect..and the missing out on what IS actually there.

Do you recognize that?


What can You do to change that habit?

Appreciation of what Is there for you NOW
You can use the Breathing Score from last month for that!

Appreciate the people that are in your life now, the job that you have, your friends, your family, the way it IS now. 

You can even appreciate confrontation and struggle as a chance for change and growth. 

Welcoming the State of Now from the base of abundance instead of scarceness 

Or in other words:
Live from the place of  “I can”  instead of  “I must…”


Reserve space in your life for Quality Time – to nourish supportive habits

Make time for regular Yoga Practice or go for a walk in the park, or a run. Have a heart talk with a friend, or make time for that ex-change with a group of people that gives you inspiration. 


Grab the moment now and make a date with yourself  –
or others for quality time!







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