Do you lack confidence? Have difficulty saying “No”? Feel unheard? Unseen?
Are you a “people pleaser”?
Always putting others before yourself, avoiding conflict?

The coaching addresses all of these issues and more, exploring body and voice:
how the voice is influenced by emotion and body posture, and how to find balance of emotionality and rationality.

In One on One sessions, I help you to develop an awareness of vocal or physical habits that might get in your way. We identify these patterns, and I support you to overcome them. The coaching will help you to recognise different emotions and broaden your repertoire of choice, both internally and in interactions with others.

I am also available for couple mediation. If your relation has become stuck or you have trouble communicating :
In the Couple’s sessions, I help to dis-cover what’s happening and show ways to clear, respectful and loving communication.


The basis is that you are unique and complete like you are. This is your essence. Essence is beyond ratio, emotion, and behavior.
Our behavior, the patterns how we express ourselves, can be changed. They are like a coat that you can change. This will be addressed in the coaching.

It might sound paradoxical- but it’s not!



“In the individual coaching session, two things were discussed that relate to each other:

my preparation for a business interview and my presence with video recordings.
Claudia paid attention to language, intonation and body language.

Her advice was an eye-opener and immediately applicable to me.
I have been able to cash in on them since then!
She saw through the “problem” and offered me unique solutions tailored to my needs.
These solutions were new to me, but so logical.

Claudia is a warm-hearted person, which helped me to open myself and be vulnerable. I immediately had faith in her, both in knowledge and method.
The entire session went in a positive way, which made me feel supported and understood. This allowed me to take her advice well.
Analytical ability: At the end of the session we together summarized the insights, so that I remembered them well.
Because of her wide knowledge, empathy, and humor, Claudia Kratzheller is an expert in her profession.
I recommend her from the heart. “

Ilona Kröber,  Entrepreneur “Set in motion”- interieur architecte in Vital Spaces


“Claudia kenmerkt zich als een liefdevolle coach, die in het begin goed aftast wat er nodig is.
Tijdens de sessies is ze niet bang om door te pakken of confronterende vragen te stellen.
Daarnaast gebruikt Claudia lichaamswerk om gevoelens te ankeren of juist naar boven te laten komen.
Door deze veilige bedding was het gemakkelijker om uit mijn comfort zone te komen, waardoor ik beter zicht heb gekregen op hetgeen er speelt in mijn relatie. Mede door het lichaamswerk kreeg ik helder welke overtuigingen ik had en wat ik ermee wilde doen. Het heeft de relatie met mijn lief verdiept en verrijkt.
Met dank en in liefde.”
 Frieda Boekel, directeur, trainer, trainingsacteur STELDAT


Overview of topics

-Being (in) your body when you speak / also in zoom meetings
-Confidence in speaking in a formal setting as well as in familiar situations / also conference calls
-Being heard – being seen
-Confidence to speak to a group that you don’t know
-Difficulty to say “No.”

Being a “pleaser” and wanting to keep everything harmonious all the time.
Avoiding conflict. -Being too emotional. Being too rational…
Being Present with and without Content Preparation
Balancing Listening and Speaking
…so you can be comfortable, confident, and in connection wherever you are!


The methods:

I draw on a variety of methods and tailor them in connection with you to the approach that will serve you best at the moment.

Here some examples:

Breath support with healthy posture is part of Yoga Practice / Mindfulness.
Voice Coaching is based on vocal techniques for singers / public speakers and actors.
Non Violent Communication helps to connect clearly with your emotions and how to communicate them.
Other tools I use during the sessions:
Wheel of Consent, Voice Dialogue, Inner inquiry, Duplication technique a.o.

…and for all: the method is only as useful as how to apply it!


more information / Touch base
If you have questions or doubts, please contact me per e-mail for a 15 min touch-base.
Free of charge on the phone or via skype.


The process / how?
If we decide to work together we schedule an initial In-take Session to crystalize your needs and map out a plan how to reach your goals. The In-take Session session is usually 60 min. Price

Then we meet for 4- 6 sessions to dive into the process together. Sessions are 60-90 min.
Depending on what your question is there is also the possibility of body-work/hands-on treatment or massage as complementation.
Sessions can also be held via zoom or skype (due to corona circumstances-)

Coaching sessions can be held in English, Dutch, German or Spanish.
Depending on your cultural background you might feel more comfortable or confident in various languages.


in short:
Dancing the balance of heart, head, and gut in communication!

inform here on investment in the coaching traject

 Let’s meet!

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