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Evolution is an ongoing process of transformation, a never ending spiral, an interplay of forces and systems that are constantly adapting and changing. We are part of this evolution and co-influence it: the core is consciousness. Consciousness and choice making are closely interconnected. How we apply our consciousness and how we make our choices influence the systems we live in. Our ‘aim’ is to indicate positive change from a whole-view perspective, Body Linguistics does that by zooming into the core of consciousness: the body and it’s physical intelligence.


The methods applied in AIM/Body Linguistics serve as magnifying lenses to increase awareness:

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  • to illuminate the micro-perspective
  • to indicate change
  • to implement into the macro-perspective


Body Linguistics can’t and does not want to give ready solutions – but provides people with sensitive awareness to recognize where change is needed in order to improve quality in interaction and therefore result. Body Linguistics uses exercises and scores drawn from various body-mind techniques such as Physical Theatre, Contact-Improvisation, Yoga, Meditation and Modern dance.

First experience, then analyze

Participants don’t need to have skills in any of those techniques, but are required to come with an open mind, curiosity and willingness to first experience and then analyze.

The exercises are done alone, in partners or in a whole group. We will work with movement, breath, touch and voice. The intensity is build up in regard to the development and needs of the participants.

Training Topics


The practice of internal visualization forms the base to clarify and prepare external goals. Ideas are the seeds for future projects. Give room for these seeds and then formulate steps to realize them.

360 Degree Awareness|Space

Peripheral vision in place of tunnel vision. Be in contact with the whole system to avoid fragmentation and isolation. Own the space, inhabit and share it at the same time.


Primary condition for trust: be strong and comfortable in your own base. In order to either improve (logistic) processes or exchange knowledge there is the necessity to trust and be transparent with each other. Creating empathy and respect for each others qualities and differences.


Mutual dependancy as binding force instead of threat. Creating a sense of togetherness with clear definition of the task as individual. Shared responsibility for bigger capacity.

All training topics find their application in the classes that I offer. They form the base of each session.
The topics are interlinked and interdependant, hence there is no linear progression but a radial expansion of the themes.


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