Chaos, creativity and control: the magic three

Have you ever thought about getting into a threesome? This april edition is devoted to a dynamic trio: Chaos, creativity and control!       The point: The connection between chaos, creativity and control is a dynamic and flexible one:   Time and Timing! Let’s have a closer look at this threesome: Chaos can be a […]

Rock and water

The river and the rock…about fluidity and stability

Spring is in the air! Last week I was walking with my son at the beach side in La Palma. We passed a place where the cliffs are rocky and the water was splashing wildly in a canyon. We both stood silent for a moment, fascinated by the power of the waves and the bizarre […]


Loving sparkle! Let the light shine through the cracks.

It’s december, the end of the year is approaching! X-mas is around the corner… Maybe you are christian – maybe you are not….? Maybe you are a parent – maybe you are not…? Are you human? Yes! Were you a child once? Yes! The innocence and vulnerability of a new born child is mesmerizing. You can be a […]

candles melting 2

Light your Fire! Authenticity and Identity.

November is here with golden light and sunny afternoons and long evenings with candle light… Lovely to enjoy the colours of the leaves (still!) or to  be cosy inside -and to take some time for reflection: I’d like to invite you this time on the theme of Being yourself !  To be authentic. What does it actually mean? […]


The mirror moment…about your loved ones

Who would you be without the people that are closest to you? Your partner, your kids, your best friend… The intimacy of a person whom you are close to  can have many facettes. They can point out your glories and your weaknesses Friends are our mirrors, metaphorically speaking… They know you – or they seem […]

sword and ocean

The sword and the ocean – Loose your mind and find your soul

September came along, with still warm and sunny days… What do you feel when you hear this sentence? “Loose your mind – find your soul”  It was a head line on a T-shirt I saw on a man’s chest. Later on when we were dancing the meaning of the words turned from a catchy headline into […]

Out side practice

A morning in the park…a story on safety and shock.

For this august edition, let me tell you a short story on safety and shock: an surprising encounter between human and dog’s world… During the summer I have the habit to practice yoga outside in the park. One day not long ago this happened: I roll out my mat in a quiet secluded place under […]

Forest and light

Love the beast! reflection on shadow and light

In Juli the middle of the year the summer is in full bloom with a lot of sunshine! Radiant, full of light and warmth. This months edition I’d like to devote to the power of light – and with that actually the shadow side as well! Light and shadow belong to each other. Where there is […]

Water in Crete

Purity of thought

Below you see the waters in crete, where I spend a week of leisure and sharing… …and now the temperatures here are also mediterranean! Imagine… It’s warm, the sky is blue. There is time. No pressing events ahead. Except for the ones in the future. The mind can leap into the future in an instant […]

Yin-Yang Cats

The Quality of Silence

Now, the article of this month is about: The quality of being together in Silence. What get’s in the way? Is it socially acceptable to simply plunge on the floor and be? Together? Maybe even close together? In most cases not. There is the urge and often the need to talk, to behave, to socialize. […]