Berlin Wall Autumn Leaves

The moments that matter: habits and beliefs

 Autumn is here and paints mesmerizing colors into the landscape. Each day consists of many moments. Like the leaves in the image below, many moments web and accumulate together like a stream: they create the life you live. When are the moments that really matter? Moments that matter and habits are the themes of this article. […]

Leaves and grid

Light your Fire. Let go!

Welcome to the new season! Letting go.   Saying goodbye to summer is a symbol of transformation. Letting go creates space…to be open and welcome -a new season, new times, new opportunities, and new pathways. Is it easy for you to let go? Or do you tend to stay attached and hold on to how things have been? […]

No corruption. Women hand showing stop sign on a pink background with copy space.

Loving Boundaries

Let’s dig here into a juicy subject: Boundaries. Your own ones and those of other people. It’s delicate, it’s necessary and essential to recognize, respect, and communicate boundaries. Still: it is often a hard job to deal with them, or how do you feel about it? To set clear boundaries: How do you express them? Do […]


Posture and emotion: it’s a dance!

Let me tell you a short story about an experience with a client: Recently I walked next to a client outside in nature. When you walk and talk thoughts and emotions tend to flow easier than sitting still, so we walked along. As we tackled a subject that was highly emotional to her and triggered […]

Out side practice

Coming home.

In this edition I’d like to share a real story with you about anxiety, relief and grounding down to a new beginning. It’s a story about being stressed out, letting go and starting over. It happened more than 15 years ago when I was still doing my studies for my yoga certification. Back at that […]


To zoom or not to zoom

How are you feeling these days? Do you also have the feeling that the idea of certainty and normality has vanished? To be constantly ready to change and be with what ever happens to be the new now? I mentioned in an earlier edition: normal will be sold out for a while. We are in […]

Blossoming trees

Who’s your favourite…? Staying with: presence and loving weirdos

The month of may has arrived, yey! Corona is still part of our daily reality -and for this edition let’s focus on another topic What do you feel when you hear: “Marriage is an endless sleep over with your favourite weirdo”. It’s a slogan that made my head turn as I biked along the street passing a […]


Collective consciousness in progress: the Corona Crisis

Was it 6th sense? Or am I just totally in the stream of events… Resilience and to bounce back was the topic on my mind even before the whole wave of CORONA swept over the globe. Now we are right in it! It affects us all around the world, a collective crisis where no-one knows […]

iskin attraction

The cocktail of spring: attraction!

Valentines day has passed already, spring is shyly lurking in the air, let us dive into a subject that often blossoms in spring: attraction! During my life I have been attracted by and attracting many people…leading to lifelong bonds and also to share a path for a while In spanish there is the expression “tener piel con alguien” […]

Water Liquid -lead image

Fluid identity and liquid lead: …change your hat!

Fluid identity – Liquid lead – or …in other words: Change your hat! What kind of roles do you take on in your life? The friend, the colleague, the entrepreneur, the lover, the wife, the mother, the father, the advisor …the server, the boss, the victim, the buddy, the odd one out… There are many variations in the playground […]