Pleasure – Power – Presence

Dear Ladies

WELCOME to this page!


We – Women-have so many sides to us, we come in all sorts of sizes, shapes, and characters.


Women all together on Stairs

We are glorious, diverse, and powerful.


Do you also experience that often you are hard on yourself? That you are your worst critic? That it’s tricky to feel your boundaries, what to do, what not to do?

Here is what Women say before they come to me for support:

“I feel it’s not good enough unless it’s perfect to my standards.”

“It’s hard for me to say No – I feel selfish and guilty…”

“I am so used to overworking that I don’t even notice anymore that I am stressed.”

“Why do people not hear me? Or speak over me?”

“Help! I am a talking head! I can’t feel my body…”

“I become shy and am worried about what people will think of me”

“In pressured situations, I can’t listen anymore, I lose connection and feel small – to myself and other people”

Would you like to feel safe, powerful, and sensitive at the same time?

Are you ready to commit to Yourself and be unapologetically YOU,
then this might be for YOU

positive changes in the life, hands holding white sign on the sky background

Let me invite you on a journey:




through Pelvic Grounding 

Your Pelvis is your base: it holds your power, your vulnerability-
and is the base from where you can feel and communicate your boundaries.

Here are a couple of short films to raise Awareness and Inspiration:
they were recorded when I did the research for the Women Program that I am offering now.

Have a look and see what resonates with you:

Your Voice and Your Pelvic Floor

Self-Love – Self-worth – Self-care

Clear and healthy boundaries – saying NO creates space-and is OK

Body Awareness and Embodied Cognition

Body-Awareness is a compass for connection, to be aware of your body is a powerful tool to recognize your Boundaries, to feel safe, powerful, and sensitive at the same time:

we will be exploring and digging deep into the following themes:

Being clear with your boundaries.
Having a solid Self-care Practice.

Live Encounters – plus online Modules – Retreat Weekend

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Introduction workshop to touch base
15 April

Women Welcome



Words of Women who worked with me:


Inner beliefs

“The world is waiting for my limits and nothing will change unless I put them into place.
I am the only one who can do that and nothing is going to disappear if I do.”

“My next focus is to let go of these limiting beliefs I have about women (myself) in the workplace; the volume of my voice; … and how posture, voice, and beliefs influence interaction in the workplace.”

Body-Mind Connection

“It is lovely to share the experience with fellow women.
Body posture has a big impact, and I discovered what I can do differently to improve this.”

“It works for me to shake and move my body, to let go: it empties my mind, and helps me to focus my mind afterwards on what matters”

Leadership and Interaction

“I recommend this course for ALL women and organizations searching for more equality in the workplace.”

“I loved the way you make a very tangible translation to tango and dancing – making it visual for me :)

“Claudia is an intuitive and authentic guide.

She lives what she teaches and created a space to hold everyone.”