Yoga for You?

Take a look at the following situations:

Do you recognize one or more of them?
If the answer is YES – then Come to one of the classes!



Individual attention, Small group and Friendly atmosphere

During the Yoga Classes in the Studio around the corner I don’t have the feeling I am seen and corrected. I miss individual attention ! The Classes are very full and there are always different people. Besides I have the feeling the teacher is not experienced in dealing with different body types other than her own.

The group is small and you know all the participants who attend. There is enough time for personal attention, tips and corrections that help you in the specific exercises to discover how you make progress in your own pace. The Teacher is experienced in recognising what YOU need and how to pass it on to you. The atmosphere is friendly and fun: after the class you feel calm and energised, ready for the day! 


Connection to everyday Life

When we are in the yoga class and I have been standing on my head I feel like a super heroe.
Or in the meditation I had that moment of total ease and happiness! –

But : how can it help me when “the shit is cooking” in real life? for example..I walk off the mat, I  get on my bike and in the traffic I suddenly get cut and I am totally aggressive – ciao ease and happiness!
How can I translate the feel of ease and flexibility in my behaviour in daily Life ?

You start to notice small moments each day where there are opportunities to change your behaviour, for instance:
When you get cut on the street on the bike You first stop and take a breath to notice what’s happening. You get more used to staying calm and and to feel free to choose in the situation if it helps to respond – or not!


Keeping regularity & Having Trust in the Group

If I can go any time to a yoga class, then all too easy there are many other things that “seem” more important and I do not keep up a regular practice.
Every time I do go to the class I am happy and feel good after it. But then the weeks pass, I get involved in other activities, the kids, the job, my man, my friends …time passes  and I have the feeling I start allover again….!!!

The weekly Yoga Class is Your time for your body and your emotions to warmly connect to yourself. The appointment You have with yourself and the Group helps to notice the progress, the changes and keep a rhythm.

Being with other people in the group you get inspired and can also ask for specific help, there is trust and common ground of experience.



Recognizing Habits and Shifting them

I am doing Pilates and also Yoga, and I am happy with it.
I do notice that when I get eager and “into it to do well ” (that’s me being hardwired from my education!!!) I often do not listen to the signals of my body: for instance I clench my Jaw and tense my shoulders, and sometimes I realize – only afterwards!- that I held my breath when doing the abdominal series for instance.
It happens that during a yoga class I realize that I have been holding a lot of tension in my body. Through the practice I become aware of it. Then I want to get rid of it – but that does not work so fast – I feel angry or lonely with it, and become demotivated…
When you become aware that your Jaw or your shoulders are tense you know what you can do about it! – and keep space in your mind! You get to know your habits, and accept that real change takes its time. You learn to experiment with your habits: to recognize when you are about to fall into the habit, appreciate the changes and learn also to be compassionte with set-backs – as they are part of the plot!
You discover with time that there is a light and easy way to practice, to move, to be:  you notice that your body becomes more soft, flexible and strong!