Theme workshop: The magic of the pelvis


The pelvis: Your homebase and center of your body.
Awaken the awareness with softness and strength!

What is it?

The Pelvis is the connection between your spine and your legs.
We will gain insight about the anatomical function of the pelvis and energetic potential of the chakras and make the connection between the two.


When we are not aware how to move from the pelvis (“the light there is not on” or when there are blockages you can get pain and tension.

For instance: when you either not aware or don’t have the strength in your pelvic muscles and how that relates through your legs down into the ground it very often happens that you compensate and compromise the body : you pull up the shoulders or sag in the lower back which results in tension and pain in shoulder and lower back area.


– gain deep insight awareness of the energetic potential of your pelvis

  • prevent lower back pain
  • strenghtens the connection between your front and your back muscles in the pelvic area
  • become more aware of your sensuality and sexuality: the potential and the blockages
      • connection pelvis, legs, feet : awaken the highway from the earth into your center -and from there into your hands!

For whom?

Especially for massage therapists but actually for everybody who works on their legs and wants to gain more detailled and practical awareness how to move from the pelvis in a healthy and pleasurable way.

It adresses mainly women as we work with the pelvic floor muscles.
Men are welcome too, their also have a psoas and a pelvic floor!





  • intro: skeleton, muscles, function
  • connection to chakras . Muladhara, svasithasana, Kundalini. Life force, sexuality.
  • Application to everyday life, use: sit, stand, sport, work, sex-life.

-self exploration / anatomy : psoas, pelvis floor: different build women and men.

  • breath awareness and how it helps to support the movement and energetic connection

Chakra Spektrum

(Foto Key Muscles of Hatha Yoga By Ray Long MD FRCSC)



-ground exercises :

– to loosen the area : Shake, loose, ground – heel rock

        • to strenghten the area : Psoas sequences & Counterposes
        • to distinguish when to do which! Yin and Yang awareness.

-translate that into movement: walking, sitting, standing, dancing, massaging



You have three opportunities to join this workshop, in various locations and dates.
Have a look:


Hosted By:

Studio REMO
Date: Saturday 5 oktober
Time: 12.00-17.00h

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Delight Studios / Studio Weteringschans
Date: Saturday 19 Oktober
Time: 18.15 – 20.15h  
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Academy For Movement and Massage
Date : Tuesday 19 november 2019
Time: 16h -19h 
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