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Welcome to Space@Work! 

the on-line course for focus, energy and breath connection during your working day
How to stay inspired and inspiring when working long hours behind a screen!

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For every Independant working professional – everybody who works behind computers!
Language: english

11 short  films  2-3 min each.

The mini sessions help you to (re-)focus and stay engaged in your body when you have periods of intense mental “only” activity and long periods of sitting in front of a screen.The exercises are energizing and increase body & breath awareness.
They are in ideal complementation to regular exercise like yoga, walking, running, dancing etc!

Topics for the episodes:

1) Intro Course: Welcome!
2) Intro i-crown: Falling in love…
3) Active sitting / Foundation
4) Freedom for the shoulders / Mobility
5) Top department: Head and Neck / Mobility
6) Low belly breathing / Calming the mind
7) Seated twist / Flexibility
8) Seated curl / Relaxation
9) Dress to…have space!

10) Bonus 1
Extra Breathing Instruction: prolonged exhalation
calming for the mind – creating space between your thoughts.

11) Bonus 2 
Mobility and Micromovements: Active sitting EXTRA 

here you get a free example of the sessions:

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Price: 75,00 eur  37,50 euro

How to get the discount?
Fill in the word space@work (coupon code)  in the little box left to the regular price in the webshop.
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You can do the sessions on your phone or on the computer whenever you want and need!


Prevention is better than damage repair:
Investing in this course can save you the time and money to visit the physiotherapist !