Your voice lives in your body.
Your breathing, your state of mind, your emotions and your body posture influence your voice and are reflected by the way you speak.

One on one coaching is a way to become aware of vocal habits that get in your way or to simply widen the repertoire  how  you use your voice!
Here are some situations that you might find yourself into… and how you could feel after the coaching:


“Help! I am a talking head!”


When I am in a discussion sitting around a table with people – especially if it is around a complex situation or a problem that wants to be solved I tend to become this talking head. I forget about my body…and I forget even sometimes to breathe! Of course I don’t drop down dead – but I tend to hold my breath when I am thinking and then notice it only when I feel that my breathing has become very shallow or I become very tired.


During discussions and meetings I am listening and speaking with my whole body: I stay energized and give energy to others by moving and being moved by the content of the words.
I am aware of my breathing. It supports me to notice when I need to breathe deeper. It gives me space to perceive with clarity and stay connected to myself, the discussion and the other people. I can listen with space inside and be relaxed.


“There is never enough time!”


When I have the feeling I do not have time I start to speak faster and rush the conversation. I want to cram everything I have on my heart and my head in and then forget what’s really important for the situation. Sometimes I forget important things, but talk a lot about details…downloading my brain onto the people that listen to me and then they zone out…-)



I am connected to the situation inside if I have a lot of time or not. I have the clarity inside to select what is important to say, what not – and when! I see what my partner in conversation is able to absorb and needs in this moment. I adjust my tempo of speaking and vary it according to what the situation is asking for, balancing the needs of both partners in dialogue.


“When I see a Flip chart or Power Point Setting, any type of formal setting — I get nervous…”


I find it easy to express myself when I am in a private situation or with friends. I love to tell stories and enjoy doing that! But as soon as it changes to a business setting I get nervous, my heart starts to pound and I even get red spots in my neck and face…that formal situation inhibits me in my expression and freedom. I am anxious that my ideas are not good enough or will not be taken seriously and I experience a barrier between the private and the professional “ME”.


I am confident and calm independant if I am going to speak to close friends or in a more formal setting. I am able to stay connected to my own body and breath as well as to the content of my message and enjoy bringing my imagination also into the workplace. I vary how I say something and what. I trust that my ideas are worthwhile and valuable to contribute to the process.

I am myself regardless of board room or camp fire.


“I become shy and am worried about what people will think of me”


When I am invited to speak about a topic in a group of people that I do not know, I become shy. I am worried about the impression I will make and am afraid to fail or not be liked. I look down a lot and have difficulty staying connected to myself and keep the connection to the group or the audience.


I am confident to talk to strangers and curious about a new situation. I look out to see what is happening around me and can stay connected at the same time to what is going on inside of me.
I leave the possible judgements of other people to them and don’t let them affect me in what I am offering.


“Why do people not hear me ? Or speak over me?”


It has happened that I say something and no one hears it…! – or someone else says the same thing, but then it’s welcomed as a very interesting point. Why did they not listen to me in the first place? Or I am searching for words because I was not sure about the point and people tend to speak over me.”

My voice starts trembling or is croaky, then I don’t like the sound of it. When other people are talking at the same time I have trouble making myself heard.


Your voice is steady and you are comfortable with using different pitches and tones using the full range of it, from high to low, soft and loud. You accept and enjoy the particular quality of your own voice. If it is croaky or breaking, you don’t make a big deal out of it and know how to change it. You are able to cut through a crowd of voices if it’s necessary.


“I prepare for hours beforehand and only feel secure when I know my content inside – out”


I get nervous when I have the feeling I did not prepare enough for a meeting. I’d like to know and be secure about the content. When I go into a situation that I did not read or prepare about I have a hard time being confident and am afraid that people ask questions that I do not know the answer of – or that I will be judged as not qualified enough.



You can walk into a meeting with confidence independant if you prepared a lot or not. You receive sponanious questions on a topic calm and with curiosity. You have the peace of mind and alertness to distinguish what you can do in the moment and what needs to be delegated or parked.

You trust yourself and your expertise and don’t get distracted by the judgements of others.


“Waiting for the moment … “


When I am in a discussion or meeting I tend to listen and am silent a lot.

I’d like to hear the opinion of everybody. Sometimes I tend to miss the impulse or grab the moment of speaking up.
It makes me feel like I am over flooding with information and I miss the opportunity to express myself. I feel like I am invisible and constipated at the same time!

Often I am silent consciously because I feel the room needs it and an additional comment will not add.
As a result people tend to underrate my expertise or don’t know what I can contribute to the project.


You sense the moment of speaking up and grab it to let your voice be heard! You experience a balance in listening and contributing to the converstaion, naturally as what the situation needs.

You find a way of bringing in your expertise in various ways: one-on-one conversations, written reports and speaking about your ideas and suggestions.


Do you regognize yourself in one or more of these situations?
Would you like to change it?

I am happy to help you!


more information / Touch base
If you have questions or doubts, please contact me per e-mail for a 15 min touch-base.
free of charge  on the phone or via skype.

The process / how?
If we decide to work together we schedule an In-take to crystalize your needs and map out a plan how to reach your goals.
Then we meet for 4- 6 sessions to dive into the process together. Sessions are 60-90 min.
Depending what your question is there is also the possibility of body-work/ hands on treatment or massage as complementation.

Coaching sessions can be held in english, dutch, german or spanish.
Depending your cultural background you might feel more comfortable or confident in various languages.

Overview of topics:

Being (in) your body when you speak
Confidence in speaking in a formal setting as well as in familiar situations
Being heard – being seen
Confidence to speak to a group that you don’t know
Staying focused.
Being Present with and without Content Preparation
Balancing Listening and Speaking


Other topics:

-Difficulty to say “No.”
-Being a “pleaser” and wanting to keep everything harmonious all the time.
-Avoiding conflict.
-Being too emotional. Being too rational…


in short:
Dancing the balance of heart, head and gut in communication!

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