The qualities of Ganesh, the Elephant God

This morning during my practice I listened to my inner voice on what the subject of this article shall be…I do have something planned in the pipeline, but somehow it did not feel right for february. My intuition let me suspend the plan I had for this month and when I surfed for inspiration on […]

IClosed circle -open loops

The joy of completion: open loops versus closed circles

It’s january, we have leaped into the new year! Are You the type of person that does new years resolutions? If so, when do you start with them and when do you declare them as being finished? Or is it an open end journey, like a ticket with no return? Are you the type of person that starts […]

Above the clouds

The illusion of control and the “photosynthesis” of breathing.

How did you wake up this  the morning? Were you instantly awake and jumped out of bed like a spring chicken ? I have heard that people exist who do that…-) Or are you more the type of : “Don’t you dare talking to me until I’ve had my first cup of coffee-) or tea.” Any variation inbetween […]


When to bite into the apple? The art of timing.

In the article of this month I’d like to invite you into the theme of ripening and harvest: and … the art of timing!  Would you eat a fruit when it is not ripe? An avocado that is still hard and does not surrender yet into the spoons touch? An apple that is still so sour […]


The value of rest and reflection

Autumn time: the colour of the leaves change, the air is fresh and humid when you step outside in the morning, the evenings are getting longer… A time that invites for rest and reflection. Do you recognize when it is time to rest ? Do you take regular breaks throughout the day ? Or are you […]

Sensuality in Everyday Life!

Recently I returned from a Tango Festival: 10 rich and full days of enjoying community, dance, yoga practice, being outside, swimming, cooking together  – intense sharing and recharging A feast for the senses and the soul – and here comes the essence of this edition: Sensuality! There are many moments during a day to enjoy sensuality: feeling […]

Dunes Open Heart

Freedom of Choice & The Magic of Ritual

Freedom of Choice!  & the Magic of Ritual Fun with Shifting Your habits …slowly, as true change needs time, patience and compassion! The foto above is a moment in time on the dunes in the desert. I felt the wind on my skin, and the sun warming my body. Out of an impulse of joy and […]

Habits & Appreciation: Changing from “I must” to “I can” !

Yes, Habits are the theme of this month Are you also a creature of habit? The definition of habit as I looked it up: Habit, deriving from Habitat: “The natural environment in which an animal or a plant lives.” The place to be at Home. You might ask: What sort of habits do you mean? Of […]

Queen or Slave? About the turning point of Royalty into Submissiveness

Queen or Slave? About the turning point of Royalty into Submissiveness and vice versa? a contemplation for all women and men (Thanks to Jelena Voinov for inspiring me about this topic during a chat in the streets of Amsterdam) In nature there are many species where the whole existance of males centres around impressing the […]

Yoga is there for YOU, not for Your EGO…

Article in the NYT …on How-yoga-can-wreck-your-body and some reflections on this: “Yoga is there for YOU, not for Your EGO… Unfortunately now and especially with Yoga having become such a hype !- teachers as well as the practitioners scramble this easy rule up, with the result indeed : injuries and damage for the body. In […]